We Remove Old Red Dye Stains from Carpet

Anytime you have a red substance that spills on your carpet, it is stressful. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to remove these tough stains from carpeting. Luckily, the carpet cleaning experts at Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration are here to share some tips with our valued customers to help them remove these difficult stains.

Determine the Cause of the Red Dye Stain

Before you can get to work on removing the red stain from your carpet, you need to determine what the cause of the stain originally was. You need to know if the stain is organic or synthetic. Removing a stain caused by an organic substance like wine will be exponentially different to remove when compared to Kool-Aid and other synthetic substances. Following are some examples of these two red stain categories.
Organic Red Stains: Red wine, juice, food coloring and ketchup or condiments.
Synthetic Red Stains: Kool-aid, food coloring, medicines, cosmetics and fruit juices.

How We Remove Synthetic Red Dye Stains from Carpet

When we proceed to remove synthetic red stains from your carpet, we will likely use a reducing agent to help lighten the load. After we apply the reducing agent, you will notice that the color starts to change after a few minutes. Most reducing agents require a wet towel and a hot iron applied to the area to extract the stain from the carpet.

Organic Red Stains Carpet Removal

Oxidizing bleaches are the key to removing organic red stains from your carpet. We may also use a wet towel and hot iron to help move the process along; being sure we aren’t turning the iron up too high as this can damage the carpet.

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