Can You Fix a Bleach Spot on Carpets in Norman, OK? Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration Fix

Bleach spots are more than just a pale spot in the carpet. The bleaching chemical can degrade the carpet, produce an irritating chemical in the air, and even cause skin irritations. To ensure a healthy environment, and improve the appearance of the carpets, you will want to have the bleach spots repaired. For those who are unfamiliar with how bleach spots are repaired, Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will walk you through the steps of professional carpet dyeing services.

What Happens when Bleach Gets on Carpet?

Before we begin sharing the process of a professional bleach spot repair, it helps to understand what a bleach spot is and the chemical that causes them. Bleach spots are the absence of color. The dye is broken down until the color has completely dissipated out of the carpet. A chlorine or bleaching agent is a color removal and it does it by breaking down the dyes directly. A bleach spot cannot be washed out but it can be repaired. Where bleach spots are the result of missing dye in the carpet, you will need to replace the dye back into the carpet to repair it.

How Do You Neutralize Bleach Stains (Really Spots)

When repairing a bleach spot it is important to first wash out the site and neutralize the bleach in the carpet. Bleach is a chemical that can remain active in the carpet for long periods of time. In a sense, it will go dormant once the chemical dries out. Yet, if it becomes wet again, the bleach reactivates. Therefore, the bleach has the potential of spreading. This is why it is essential to first neutralize the bleach before redyeing over the bleach spot.

Can You Dye the Bleach Spot the Same Color as the Rest of Carpet?

Once the site has been cleaned and neutralized, the next step is to create a perfectly matching dye formula. This is the tricky part and worth seeking out a professional for. A professional can recreate the dye color of the carpet. This is necessary as you cannot fine a perfect pre-made dye color to match the carpet. When manufacturing the carpet, the dyes used are not for sale and will vary greatly between manufactures. A professional carpet dye specialist undergoes a lot of training on mixing and creating perfectly matching color dyes. When repairing a bleach spot, a dye specialist will create a perfectly matching dye color and then apply the dye slowly to the carpet. With each application of dye the specialist will blend the dye into the carpet to ensure the repair looks perfect. Once the dye dries, the repairs are complete.

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When repairing a bleach spot non-toxic dyes are used, ensuring safety. Additionally, the dyes will not wash out when cleaning the carpet or rub off. The repairs will last and the carpet will be bleach free. For flawless repairs a professional carpet dyeing specialist is the best answer. When carpets develop bleach spots you can seek bleach spot repairs. Repairing bleach spots are a fast and effective way to reclaim your carpets. For quality bleach spot repairs, contact the professionals. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration provides bleach spot repair and more contact us today.

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