Carpet Bleach Spot Repair in Pasadena, MD; Neutralizer & Color Restoration Carpet Dyeing to Fix Spots

Bleach spots are a common problem. You can find bleach spots on any carpet from commercial to residential. Bleach spots are notorious. As many well know, you cannot wash them out or remove them like a stain. However, bleach spots can be repaired. As bleach spots have been occurring a bit more frequently lately due to more bleaching cleaners being used to fight against the COVID-19 virus, Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share how bleach spots can be perfectly restored.

What Causes Bleach Spots on Carpet?

Bleach spots develop on carpets when a bleaching agent comes in contact with wool or nylon carpets. These types of carpet do not use a pre-colored synthetic material. Wool and nylon carpets are made from natural fibers that are dyed. The dyes in these carpets are vulnerable to bleaching agents that are commonly found in many disinfectant cleaners. The dyes in the carpet can break down rather rapidly causing the color of the dye to dissipate. Once bleach has been exposed to the carpet, then it is too late to save the carpet. You can attempt to use a dry cloth and absorb as much of the bleaching agent out of the carpet as possible to reduce the effects. However, if the bleach isn’t neutralized, the bleach will remain active, resulting in bleach spots on the carpet.

Bleach Neutralizer & Dye for Spots

When bleach spots form on the carpet you can have them repaired. For best results it is recommended to seek out a professional carpet dyeing and bleach spot repair service. A professional will take all of the proper steps in repairing the bleach spots. The first step they will take is cleaning the bleach spot site and then apply a bleach neutralizer. If the bleach in the carpet is not neutralized, the repair will not work. It is essential that the bleach in the carpet is properly neutralized before they can be repaired. Once the bleach spot has been cleaned, the bleach neutralized, and the site thoroughly rinsed, it is time to dye over the bleach spot. A professional will also make the dye on site. They will mix together the proper combination of red, blue and yellow dye to perfectly match the color of the carpet. You may wonder why they make the dyes on site? They make the dyes because it is impossible to buy the original dye formula from manufactures. Additionally, each manufacture uses their own version of dye formulas. It is impossible to buy the exact matching dye mixture, even though many online dye kits will promise otherwise. For accurate results, professional carpet dye technicians make the dye on site. Once the technician has made the dye, they will apply the dye slowly blending in small quantities at a time. To avoid over dyeing the bleach spot, the dye must be applied slowly. Too much dye may result in a darker spot, or too little dye will result in a lighter spot.

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With professional bleach spot repair, you can restore your carpets. For quality bleach spot repair, carpet dyeing and more, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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