Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration & Bleach Spot Repairs for Vacation Rentals in Fairland, MD

A vacation rental often has small to large families that will occupy the living space while they are on vacation. As vacation rentals will usually provide the same comforts of a home, they are highly sought after. With high activity inside the home, it comes as no surprise that the carpet inside a vacation rental can begin to look worn down and even faded. Carpets inside a vacation rental are also no stranger to bleach spots. Faded carpets and those with bleach spots do not look very nice and affect the quality of the vacation rental. Before a vacation rental owner commits to carpet replacement simply due to bleach spots or faded carpets, you can restore your carpets appearance with commercial carpet dyeing and/or bleach spot repair services. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how vacation rental owners can have the carpet restored to extend the life of their carpets.

Can Carpet Be Dyed in Place?

Carpet dyeing is a specialty service that focuses on reviving dull or faded carpets. Carpet colors can fade for a number of different reasons. Carpet can fade due to high foot traffic, age, UV light exposure and even improper carpet cleaning. Dull carpet can have a profound affect on the entire vacation rental which is why when carpets do fade they are often replaced. However, before replacing good carpet, have the carpet color revived with carpet dyeing. Carpet dyeing can dye the carpet the original color or if the owner desires, the carpet color can even be changed. Commercial carpet dyeing service will often offer custom dye color formulas to change the color of the carpet in the vacation rental. There are some limitations to what color you can change the carpet. For example, carpet will become a new but darker color. After having the carpet dyed the carpet will look almost like new which enhances the beauty of the entire vacation rental. Commercial carpet dyeing services are fast. We use non-toxic dyes which will ensure the safety and health of your future guests. Additionally, the dyes are permanent which allows the carpet in the vacation rental to still be cleaned without fear of washing out the dyes.

Can Bleach Stains (Spots) Be Fixed?

Another common problem for carpets in every setting, including vacation rentals, is of course, bleach spots. Bleach spots can occur as soon as a bleach agent makes contact with the carpets. As many well know bleach is a common chemical in a number of cleaning agents, and it is all too easy to accidentally spill these cleaning products on the carpets. When bleach spots form on the carpets, the vacation rental owner will often look for a quick solution and before the next renter arrives. Luckily, bleach spots can be repaired quickly and properly with professional help. A carpet dyeing service can repair a bleach spot on average within thirty minutes. The repairs are also permanent and the dyes used to repair the bleach spot is also guaranteed to match the rest of the carpet, ensuring quality repairs.

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