Carpet Dyeing for Realtors in Potomac, MD to Restore & Brighten Faded Carpets

At times, the realtor is given a task to sell a home “as is.” When selling a home “as is” no extra work is put into the home to improve its appeal. In some cases the home will have old and faded carpet or there are those with bleach spots and stains on the carpet. Many homes are very beautiful and do not require any face lifts to sell a home. However, in some cases the carpet’s poor aesthetic can hamper the sale of a home. When a realtor has the task of selling a home “as is” they may not have the means to replace the carpet. However, there is a process of restoration using dye that can help improve the carpet’s aesthetics. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration can help realtor restore carpets with these primary carpet dyeing services.

How Do You Restore & Brighten Faded Carpet?

Carpet dyeing is a service geared toward restoring faded carpets. However, carpet dyeing can also change the carpet’s color without the need to replace the original carpet. When dyeing carpet the entire surface is injected with a dye that revives the color in the carpet. The carpet essentially will look new which can help brighten and improve the sale of a home. However, not all carpet is super old or faded. In some cases, the carpet may just need a little brightening and some cleaning. Another service carpet dyeing companies provide is carpet dyeing and cleaning. While the carpets are being cleaned they are injected with small amounts of dye which helps to refresh the carpet’s color. When a realtor needs help refreshing and restoring the carpet’s color they can seek out professional carpet dyeing services.

Repair Carpet Bleach Spots & Remove Stains

However, dull carpet isn’t the only concern. Often carpet inside homes going up for sale may have bleach spots or nasty stains on the carpet that will not come out. Both stains and bleach spots can completely ruin the aesthetics of the carpet and potentially the home. When there are permanent stains, know they can be removed. Those stains that will not come out will need to be bleached out. Yes, you will cover the stain with a bleaching agent. It will remove all of the pigment in the carpet including the stain. Once the stain has been bleached it will be repaired just like any other bleach spot. To repair a bleach spot you will need to restore dye to the site. First the bleach in the carpet is neutralized and then a perfectly matching dye is applied to the bleach spot and the carpet is restored.

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When a realtor doesn’t have the option of replacing carpet they can seek out carpet dyeing services. Carpet dyeing can help restore carpet in homes in many different ways. The carpet can be restored and look renewed. Carpet dyeing is fast and effective and is affordable which makes it a great option for a realtor. When a realtor needs help selling a home with faded, stained or carpets with bleach spots, seek a professional carpet dye restoration service. Contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration and schedule our services today.

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