Carpet Dyeing Neutralizer to Get Rid of Mysterious White or Yellow Bleach Spots on Carpets in Gaithersburg, MD

When bleach spots happen on the carpets, many people feel like those stains are there to stay. Bleach spots are a major nuisance and can leave a permanent mark on your carpet. For commercial and residential settings, having bleach spots on your carpets isn’t acceptable. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how bleach spots can be repaired and some of the common causes of bleach spots on the carpet.

Bleach Discolored My Carpet

Bleach spots occur when carpets are exposed to a type of bleaching agent. Bleaching agents come in a number of forms. One of the most common source of a bleaching agent is in cleaning chemicals. A number of cleaners use bleach or chlorine to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria. At times cleaning agents can spill or get misused on the carpet, which will result in a bleach spot. Another other source which is less common are bleaching agents found in hygiene products. Foot and external cream often contain a bleaching chemical. At times bleach spots will form the shape of foot prints that dot across the carpets.

Are Bleach Spots Stains?

Bleach spots are not true stains. They are actually the opposite. Bleach spots occur when the dye pigmentation is broken down, resulting in the absence of color in the carpet. Depending on the amount of bleach used or how long the bleach was left on the carpet, there can be various levels of bleaching that can occur on the carpets. Severe bleaching will remove all of the pigment from the carpets leaving behind a pale white spot. More minor bleaching is when lightening or discoloration occurs on the carpets. Depending on the severity of the bleaching, the method of removing the bleach spot will vary.

Carpet Dye to Repair Bleach Spots

It is important to know when a bleach spot occurs, it can be removed or repaired. Bleach spots that are considered more minor in nature can pose more of a challenge then the bleach spot that has no pigment left in the carpet. If some coloring still exists on the carpet, and depending on how the bleach effected the carpet, then more bleaching may be needed. At times the bleach spots with some color remaining will intentionally be bleached to remove all of the pigment that is left in the carpet. Afterward, the site is cleaned thorough to prevent any interference with the dyeing process. Once the site has been prepared, the bleach spot will be re-dyed to restore the carpet’s color. A professional carpet dyeing service can properly prepare the bleached spot for dyeing and at the same time, match the dye with the rest of the carpet perfectly. One of the greatest challenges of repairing a bleach on carpet is making sure the new dye matches the rest of the color. This is where most DIY bleach spot repair falls short. A professional service can perfectly match the dyes, ensuring the carpet looks beautiful upon completion. Both solid and multi colored carpet with bleach stains can be repaired with ease by a professional carpet dyeing service.

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