Carpet Dyeing to Repair Bleach Spots from COVID-19 Cleaning Products in Harwood, MD

Carpets are notorious for getting bleach spots that mar their surface. Bleach spots look terrible and can be very distracting in certain environments. Bleach spots are becoming ever more common as both residential and commercial buildings undergo frequent cleaning due to the pandemic. To kill germs and viruses, disinfectants that contain bleach are used. When spills from cleaners happen, the bleaching agent will quickly break down the dyes in the carpet, leaving behind pale spots on the carpet. When bleach spots ruin your carpets, it is time to seek professional bleach spot repair. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpets can be repaired once they have been damaged by bleach.

Need to Restore Color to Carpet Bleach Spots

Bleach is a chemical that is very effective in breaking down pigment. Bleach, when exposed to carpet, will cause the color to dissipate and eventually disappear leaving the natural color of the carpet’s fiber behind. Bleach spots can appear in a variety of different colors, depending on the concentration of bleach that spilled onto the carpet. The more intense the concentration of bleach, the lighter the spot will typically appear. When repairing bleach spots it is important to identify the different levels in order to repair the bleach spots properly.

How Do You Clean & Neutralize Bleach Spots on Carpet?

When repairing a bleach spot, a professional service will come and do an inspection before they begin. They are looking at what needs to be done in order to properly repair the bleach spot. When a bleach spot has minor levels of bleaching, you cannot repair the bleach spot properly with minor discoloring. For example, a minor bleach spot is when a black carpet may have a brown spot. To dye over the brown spot may offset the proper color, ruining the repair. In this situation, it is better to bleach the spots out completely. The technician will bleach the minor bleach spot to make the dye look and take better to the carpet. If needed, the first step of repairing the bleach spot would be to finish bleaching out the carpet. If such is not needed, the technician will begin the repair with a thorough cleaning of the site. There is more to cleaning a bleach spot than just washing the carpet. The bleaching agent in the carpet will need to be neutralized. Bleach stays active and will prevent the new dye from repairing the carpet if this step is neglected. The bleach spot will be cleaned and the bleach neutralized to ensure effective repairs.

How Do I Dye a Carpet with a Bleach Spot?

Following cleaning, the next step is to dye the carpet. A professional will be able to create a perfect dye formula to match the carpet. They never use a pre-made dye as they never truly match. It takes training and skill to recreate the carpet’s original color. As they accurately prepare the dye color, they will then repair the bleach spot by adding small amounts of dye at a time until the color matches perfectly. When bleach spots form on the carpet, they can be repaired quickly and perfectly with a professional bleach spot repair service.

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