Causes of Carpet Discoloration in Louisville, KY; Dyeing to Solve Acid, Bleach & Other Spills

Any time you notice that your carpet is discolored, it’s alarming and you want to get to the root of the problem as soon as possible. There are many causes of carpet discoloration and the sooner you find out the cause of the problem, the sooner you can avoid it in the future. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration is here to talk about some of the causes of carpet discoloration so you can avoid it in the future.

Benzoyl Peroxide Structure

This is a strong bleaching chemical that is often used in medical creams, foot care products and pet shampoos. It usually shows up on your carpet as yellow or orange spots. The chemical is not water soluble so it is difficult to wash off your body. You may not even realize you have gotten it on your carpet until much later when the discoloration shows up.

Spilled Bleach on Floor

Bleach is an obvious cause of carpet discoloration. Whenever you are dealing with oxygen bleaches, you will see the change in color happen much slower than chlorine bleach. Some of the chemicals used in swimming pools will cause problems if they make contact with your carpet as well. These spots will show up yellow or orange. If you notice purple spots, you likely have polypropylene carpet. Many of our competitors claim that purple spots and stains on poly carpet can’t be color repaired but Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration disagrees. We have a solution for just about every type of carpet spot and stain out there. Our fix for poly carpet is permanent and will withstand hot water extraction!

Acid Spills on Carpet

If you have ever noticed that you have green spots on your carpet, your carpet likely came in contact with acid. One that is a common culprit is vomit. Your stomach acid is 10% acid which can leave unsightly stains on your carpet if it isn’t cleaned up promptly. The stain should be neutralized with an alkali detergent solution to avoid permanent damage to your carpet. People are usually quick to clean this mess up due to the smell though.

Cleaners & Insecticides on Carpet

Oven, drain and some other cleaners can destroy the textiles in your carpet resulting in color changes. If one of these cleaning agents gets on your carpet, you can use vinegar to help cancel out the effect of the alkali and then rinse the area with water. Alkalis can vary in the carpet color stains the produce as it depends on the carpet color and the dyes used. Many other household cleaners and insecticides can cause discoloration to your carpet as well as change the textile. Furniture polish is a common one that isn’t noticed until the furniture is moved and you can see the spots that the polish came in contact with the carpet fibers. Furniture polish can have a particularly serious effect on any red dyes present in your carpet. If a red dyed carpet is exposed to furniture polish, it can cause green or blue spots. For red carpet owners, never polish your wood furniture without protecting the carpet first.Another is insecticides which can also cause color loss to your carpeting which are often noticed along the walls where pesticides are sprayed.

Pre-Sprayed Carpet

There are some carpet pre-spray treatments that can cause purple spots or other carpet discoloration. If there is a previous chemical stain present, the pre-spray carpet cleaners can have a reaction to this chemical stain and turn the spot purple. If there is a lighter chemical spot on your carpet such as caused by bleach, you should also avoid using a pre-spray carpet cleaning treatment.

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If you have experienced carpet discoloration in your home or business, don’t worry. The carpet color professionals at Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration can help. We have the training and experience to restore your carpet to its original color. Our color revival cleaning services use a small amount of carpet dye that can solve almost any carpet discoloration problem you may be having in your home or business. Our friendly staff can assist you is restoring your carpet to its original beauty with our extensive training in carpet dyeing. Call us today!

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