Church Carpet Dyeing in Waynesboro, VA; Bleach Spot, Fading & Discoloration Repair of Carpets

Carpets are found in many settings, including in churches as they help to absorb noise as well as help enhance the beauty of the building. As parishioners come in and out of the church, the carpets can begin to get dirty and after frequent cleaning they will begin to fade. As a church is regarded as the house of God, those who manage the upkeep of the church seek ways to maintain the building and its carpets. As carpets begin to fade or develop stains, carpet dyeing services can help restore the carpet in these sacred buildings. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we can and have helped to maintain and improve the carpets in church buildings.

Carpet Fading & Discoloration Repair

Inside church buildings you will often see bold reds, blues, grays and beige colored carpets. The color of the carpets often help enhance the design of the church building and its various passageways. These carpets not only help add bright colors to the church building, they also help absorb sounds and help maintain the indoor climate more efficiently. As the carpet coloring begins to fade and develop unsightly stains, the carpets are less than adequate for a church setting. As carpet replacement can take a toll on the church’s assets, carpet dyeing service can help restore faded carpets at far less than the cost of new carpet and take far less time to complete. Following are the primary ways carpet dyeing services can help restore carpet in churches and other settings.

Full Room Carpet Dyeing

Full room carpet dyeing is a service used to restore faded or discolored carpets. There are many causes of fading or discoloration, which requires a reapplication of dye to help restore the carpet color. A carpet machine is used to inject the carpet’s original dye coloring into the entire carpeted area, which in turn, revives the carpet’s coloring. Carpet dye is safe and non-toxic and doesn’t rub away once it’s dry.

Carpet Dyeing Color Change

A similar service that uses the same methods to dye carpet is carpet color change. There are times a church or other commercial building may wish to change the color of the carpets. Such is possible. However, there are a few limitations. You may be surprised as to what color a dyeing service can change or alter. In most cases, carpet can only be dyed a darker color.

Color Revival Carpet Cleaning

A church building doesn’t have to wait until the carpet looks horribly faded to seek dyeing service. Color revival carpet cleaning not only cleans but can dye the carpets at the same time. A less potent mixture of dye is used which helps maintain the carpet’s coloring while it is being cleaned. This helps maintain colorful and clean carpets.

Bleach Spot Repair

Another primary service occasionally used in church settings is bleach spot repair. Accidental spills from cleaners that contain bleach or chlorine can strip the color out of carpets. The spots can easily be repaired by adding the dye back into the carpet. This service is quick and is the best answer for carpet that has bleach spots or stains.

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