Color Revival Carpet Cleaning for Schools in Hartford, CT (Carpet Dyeing as We Clean)

Carpets are widely used in many public settings including schools. Schools are packed with students which equal extremely heavy foot traffic. Due to this constant heavy foot traffic, students as well as teachers and office personnel bring in a lot of dirt and debris. This causes carpets to get dirty and worn out quickly. Many wonder why schools choose to use carpet flooring. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share why it is important for schools to use carpets and how they can remain clean and looking like new.

Benefits of Carpets in School Classrooms, Offices & Common Areas

There is a number of reasons why carpets are used at schools. Even though carpets take quite a beating due to the dense traffic of students and teachers, they are superior for a few reason such as:
Carpet Improves Safety and Comfort: Simply, carpet provides traction, which can help reduce the chance of students slipping or falling. A fall can lead to severe injury especially if the floor has a tile or VCT flooring. Carpet provides some additional cushion. In elementary schools often kids will sit on the floor for reading time. Carpet also reduces stress on legs and feet.
Carpet is Better Insulation: Carpet provides a barrier between the cold concrete foundation of the building. The carpet acts as an insulation which helps prevent the school building from getting too cold during the winter months. To help reduce the cost of heating a large building such as a school, carpet can help reduce heating cost and maintain the comfort.
Carpet Noise Reduction: Noise is a major distraction, especially when you hear footsteps going up and down hallways or in the class rooms. Carpets help reduce noise and increases focus and concentration. Additionally, hard floor surfaces reflect light which adds stress on the eyes. Carpets don’t reflect light.
Carpet Improves Air Quality: Carpet traps in dirt and pollen unlike other surfaces where they float around more freely. Since the carpet holds in the dirt and pollen and is later cleaned, carpets can reduce allergens in the school’s indoor air.

How to Maintain Commercial Carpet in Schools

Schools simply benefit from carpets. However, they do take quite a beating due to the high population of students. So the question is, how to maintain clean carpets? The key is through regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning. Yet, if you over wash or clean carpets too often, the carpet becomes dull and loses its color, which makes the carpet look old. Old, dull carpet greatly effects the school’s appearance. No one wants their child attending a school that is poorly kept.

How to Prevent Color Fading in Carpet

To prevent color fading you will want to clean the carpet and at the same time, add the color back in. This is done through Color Revival Carpet Cleaning services. Often, through a carpet dyeing and cleaning specialist, carpet are cleaned to remove all of the dirt and contaminants trapped in the carpet. At the same time, small amounts of dye is applied to the carpet, reviving the color. Matching the color and knowing how much to add to ensure the carpet colors look even is difficult and takes time. However, cleaning and reviving the carpet’s color can help save time and money versus replacing old worn down carpet.

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As students benefit from carpet, schools can benefit from color revival carpet cleaning services. If your school’s carpet needs to be clean and the color revived, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration. We provide color revival carpet cleaning services for public, commercial, and residential carpets.

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