Commercial Bleach Spot Repair & Carpet Dyeing Restoration for Realtors in Greenbelt, MD

When selling a home or other living space, it is important to draw in a buyer. Often this is done with the home’s aesthetics. The home must look good inside and out. When preparing your home to be sold, often the previous owner will leave everything concerning the sale to their realtor. However, some homes can pose a major challenge especially if the home doesn’t look very nice. In many cases, a home only needs a fresh coat of paint, and thorough cleaning of the floors. Wood, tile and vinyl floors can be polished, cleaned, and shined. However, the carpets can be another story entirely. Carpet can be deep cleaned and smell fresh afterward, but they may still look dull, stained. You might find that nothing is getting rid of those bleach spots. When the carpet needs much more than just cleaning, commercial carpet dyeing can be the realtor’s hero. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we can help realtors make the carpet look new!

Can You Dye Commercial Carpet?

Commercial carpet dyeing is a specialized service that focuses on restoring carpet’s color. Carpets that are dull in color or have faded can be revived by dyeing the carpets. The entire carpeted area can be dyed including those that have patterns and contain many colors as well as solid colored carpets. Carpets that are dyed look new and vibrant which helps realtors sell the home far easier. During the carpet dyeing process, should the realtor feel it is best, they can even request the carpet color to be changed. Often through the realtor’s experience, they know that certain colored carpet may help improve the home’s aesthetics and or sale. If needed, the carpet’s color can be altered and changed. However, the changes are limited. The current color of the carpet may limit what colors are possible and the new color will be darker since the new dye will be applied over the top of the current color of the carpet. When a realtor has a home with dull and dingy looking carpets, they can be renewed with carpet dyeing.

Carpet Bleach Spot Repair & Stain Removal

At times the carpet inside a home is fairly new and looks good, but they may have a stains that will not wash out. They may even have bleach spots. When a carpet is in great condition with the exception of a few imperfections, these imperfections can be resolved with carpet dyeing services. A commercial carpet dyeing service often provides bleach spot repair and specialty stain removal. A specialty stain is a stain that will not wash out. These stains can still be removed. A carpet dye specialist can remove the stain by bleaching the stain out. A bleaching agent is applied that strips out the stain but will take out the carpet dye as well. The next step is to redye the bleached site, restoring the color in the carpet. A bleach spot is the absence of color in the carpet. A carpet dye specialist can quickly repair a bleach spot, removing the carpet of these imperfections.

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Commercial carpet dyeing services can quickly restore the carpet in the home. Commercial carpet dyeing is a permanent and affordable solution to carpet imperfections. When a realtor needs help improving a home’s carpets, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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