Commercial Carpet Dyeing Restoration for Assisted Living Facilities Near Me in Camp Springs, MD

One of the challenges of maintaining an assisted living facility is the carpets. To ensure a healthy environment, carpets are frequently vacuumed and cleaned. However, clean carpet does not always mean beautiful carpets. To have beautiful carpets, they will need to be free of stains, bleach spots, discoloration or faded carpets. When the carpet begins to look dirty or dull with age, the assisted living facility owner may need outside help to revive their carpets. When carpet looks bad, its appearance can be restored and even look like new with commercial carpet dyeing services. To better understand how commercial carpet dyeing can help improve and restore carpet in an assisted living facility, Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share how we can help revive your carpets.

How Can I Restore My Carpet Color?

Commercial carpet dyeing is a service that focuses on restoring carpet color. Carpets that have minor stains, discoloration, and fading can be revived by applying a liquid dye that soaks in and binds to the carpet fibers. The dyes are the same dyes used to dye carpet during manufacturing. You can expect the same results and behavior as from new carpets. The dyes in the carpet will not wash out of the carpet, they will not rub off and they are completely safe. When dyeing the carpets the assisted living facility owner can choose to dye the carpet the same color or change the carpet’s color. Carpet color can be changed. However, they will be a shade darker than before because you will be applying the new dye over the carpet and its current color. Changing the color of the carpet is a common request from a number of different commercial settings. Often the desire to change the color of the carpet comes when the building undergoes some interior design and color changes. You can redye the carpet to match the new color theme. Each commercial setting will have its own motives for changing the carpet color. If the assisted living facility owner finds they need to change the carpet’s color, and don’t want to replace them, commercial carpet dyeing can be the answer.

Can You Dye a Carpet that is Already Installed?

There are a lot of benefits to seeking commercial carpet dyeing services. Carpets that have only aesthetic problems that are replaced is a major waste. Why replace carpet if they are still in good condition? The appearance of the carpets can be restored, which helps to extend the life of the carpets. Commercial carpet dyeing is also much more affordable than carpet replacement. Depending on the type and quality of the carpets you plan to use as replacements, you can save up to 30% to 80% of the cost of the carpets. Commercial carpet dyeing is also fast and not nearly as intrusive as carpet replacements. There are a lot of conveniences and benefits when dyeing the carpets versus replacing them, especially in an assisted living facility.

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