Do Faded Carpets Hurt Resale Value? How Can Carpet Dyeing Help Realtors in Essex, MD?

Realtors have a responsibility to sell a home. Often a realtor will highlight the best features of a home to sell the home faster. There are many different aspects of the home and one major aspect that all buyers can’t help but see is a home’s flooring. When selling a home “as is,” often one type of flooring can pose a major problem and that is carpets. When the carpet looks dull in color or is covered in stains or worse yet, bleach spots, it can ruin the look of the home and discourage buyers. As a realty company doesn’t have the means to replace carpet in all of the homes they are responsible for, they often look for more realistic options. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we help realtors restore carpets in the homes they must sell.

Does Color Faded Carpet Decrease Home Value?

When a realtor has multiple homes to sell and the carpets look dull or has stains and or bleach spots, this poses a major problem. When carpets look terrible, often a potential buyer can’t help but feel like the rest of the home has unseen damages or issues and this discourages them. Other times the buyer will feel like a home is not worth it’s true value and will wish to pay less. It can be surprising to see the impact carpet can have on a home when the carpet has simple aesthetic problems. These problems can be corrected without the need to replace carpets.

Can I Dye All the Carpets in My House?

When carpets are faded they look old, very used and dirty. Some would even think the carpets are unhealthy when they look dull. Luckily, dull carpets can be cleaned and redyed, which will help revive the look of the carpets. When the home is completely empty, a realtor can contact a carpet dyeing service to come to the home and redye all of the carpets in the home. When dyeing the carpets, the realtor can either have the carpet maintain its original color, or if they feel like a different color will benefit the home, they can also change the color of the carpets. When changing the carpet color it is important for the realtor to know that the resulting color will be darker as dye will be applied over the current color of the carpet. However, after redyeing the carpets the entire carpet will look brighter and renewed, thus improving the carpet aesthetics.

Should You Dye or Cover Up Carpet Bleach Spots

In many cases, carpet inside the home is clean and is in great condition but may have a few stains or bleach spots. Stains and bleach spots can ruin the entire aesthetics of the carpet, even though in many situations, the carpet may be rather new. Again, a realtor doesn’t usually have the means to replace a home’s carpets. When carpet has stain that will not come out, a carpet dyeing service can help. Permanent stains can be removed. The approach a carpet dyeing service take is to bleach out the stain and all pigment in the area. Once all of the color has been removed, they will then dye the bleached out stain. Bleach spots are also repaired by cleaning and neutralizing the bleach and then redyeing the site.

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