Hire Carpet Dye Contractors to Restore Faded & Discolored Restaurant Carpets in Portsmouth, NH

Restaurants will often use carpet in the lobby and dining areas. Even though there are a number of benefits for using carpets that makes them the desired choice, they can be difficult to maintain inside a restaurant environment. Many restaurant owners struggle to maintain the restaurant’s carpet due to frequent spills and heavy foot traffic. The carpets wear down and get stained often. For those restaurant owners who love the benefits of carpet but are looking for ways to help maintain a new and fresh looking carpet, Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how even a restaurant can have clean, colorful, and fresh looking carpets.

Restaurant Carpet Fading Due to Over Cleaning, Sunlight & Foot Traffic

Even after frequent vacuuming, the carpet still gets stains and receive heavy soiling. Why do restaurant owners have this constant battle with their carpets? Well, there are a number of elements to consider. However, the major culprit is most often grease. Grease becomes airborne in microscope particles and can make its way out of the kitchen and into the dining area. The grease will eventually fall and land on the carpet. Then as foot traffic brings in dirt from outside, a gray brown discoloration occurs, especially in high traffic areas. To prevent soil combining with the grease, the carpet undergoes vigorous cleaning which can even sometimes strip the carpet of the dye, causing the carpet to look faded. Restaurants also have large windows to show off their business and delicious food. However as it may be good for business, large windows are bad for the carpets. Carpet can fade due to sunlight exposure. Carpets can appear faded in odd places where it gets heavy sunlight. Although the rest of the carpet may be clean and look new, sunlight damaged carpet looks bad. Sunlight is another common culprit that can fade carpets.

Stubborn Stain Removal

Restaurants are, of course, prone to stains from food and drinks as they don’t mix well with carpets. When stains occur, the carpets are often cleaned quickly. However some stains will never truly go away even with spot cleaning. Red wine, beers, and soda can leave permanent stains in carpets. When carpet in restaurants fade, are soiled and stained, often the restaurant must replace the carpet even before the carpet has had time to live out its usage. Replacing carpet prematurely is a waste and can cost the restaurant unnecessarily. Professional carpet care companies like Dye Pro Carpet & Rug Restoration employ superior stain removal and carpet dyeing techniques.

Carpet Dyeing to Restore Carpets

Carpets inside restaurants can be restored. Faded or stained carpet can be easily recovered with professional carpet color revival cleaning and dyeing restoration. Carpets that are faded or discolored can be dyed and have the color back into the carpet. Carpet that has been stained can also be recovered. Even bleach spots can be dyed after bleach strips the color from the carpet. When carpet needs to be dyed and restored, the carpet will first need to be cleaned and then dyed depending on the restaurant’s needs. Carpet dye is safe and uses eco-friendly dyes that are permanent and dry very quickly. Carpet dyeing and restoration service is safe, fast and can recover carpet without the need for replacing carpet that is essentially in good condition otherwise.

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If you own a restaurant and the carpets need to be dyed and restored, contact Dye Pro Dyeing & Rug Restoration. We provide quality carpet dyeing and restoration services and have helped a number of commercial properties. For professional carpet dyeing and restoration services, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Rug Restoration today.

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