Hire Dye Contractors for Carpet Dyeing High Traffic & Stained Carpets in Houston, TX Hotels

In recent years, carpet owners are seeing the true value in quality carpet dyeing restoration services. Quite a few consumers, unfortunately, do not even consider the potential it has as it once been a messy process, and long-term was ineffective. The carpet dyeing services have revolutionized to deliver quality services with the help of modernized advances. When the carpet is tarnished with discolorations, stains, and fading, a much cheaper solution than replacing the carpets, carpet dyeing is an optimal approach to restore your carpets. Hotels are often much abused with clumsy guests who often disregard their accidents or behavior resulting in carpets riddled with stains and blemishes that are too tough to remove with spot cleaners. In order to impress guests and lead your staff, the carpets and the rest of the hotel will need to be in pristine condition. When professional carpet cleaning is not enough, you have Dye-Pro Carpet & Rug Restoration to restore your hotel’s carpet. With that in mind we would like to take the opportunity to relate the possibilities of restoring the carpets in your hotel.

Color Dye Carpet Cleaning of High Traffic Areas

A hotel has many areas that succumb to high-traffic and too quickly the path is dull and faded with use. In fact, studies show that high-traffic carpeted areas lose about 2% of color a year. To better preserve your hotel carpets, and deep clean the carpet at the same time, hire a carpet color cleaning service. Simply by infusing a small amount of matching dye in the carpet cleaning solution will keep the carpets bright, vibrant, and clean in your hotel.

Full Room Carpet Dyeing

A rather popular option to enhance the carpets of your hotel, is with a full room carpet dyeing. It is important to know that carpet dyeing techniques can match the shade or darken the color. With our skilled and experienced carpet dyeing experts, you can conceal old stubborn stains that simply won’t come out, match the color with surrounding environment after a recent paint job or refurbishment and other such examples. A full carpet dyeing is a very cost-effective and sufficient option when you need to refine the carpet dye.

Carpet Dye to Repair Bleach Spots

Bleach and bleach-based products are generally nonreversible, like many other chemical spots. When bleach makes contact with the carpets, the color pigment is stripped from the fibers. The more potent the bleach is and the longer it lingers, the more damage that is done. The bleach spots are completely covered after the technician matches the carpet’s coloring of your hotel, you will never even realize they were ever there.

Carpet Dyeing to Remove Stains

Stains can easily set into the carpet fibers, especially if they sit too long without treatment. With these stains happening all too frequently in a hotel, you will want our professionals to remove the stain with a gently bleach rinse that breaks the stain apart that allows for the removal, or for it to be dyed over to match the surrounding area.

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When you need your hotel carpets dyed, call in the experts of Dye Pro Carpet & Rug Restoration to take care of the carpet dyeing needs.

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