Hotel Room & Corridor Color Revival Cleaning & Other Carpet Dyeing Services in Gaithersburg, MD

Carpet in hotels are some of the highest quality. They are designed and made to endure dense foot traffic and last much longer than residential carpets. As carpet in hotels are made with higher quality materials, they are also much more expensive. It comes as no surprise that carpet in hotels often has specialty services to help enhance and extend the life of the carpet. Carpets in hotels often have carpet dyeing services scheduled to come and improve or even alter their building’s carpets. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dyeing services seek to enhance and preserve clean and beautiful carpets.

Color Revival Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in hotels are often thicker with stronger pile threading to help the carpet withstand the constant wear of foot traffic. Carpet in hotels usually undergo regimented cleaning and are vacuumed and deep cleaned regularly. As a result, the life of the carpets are prolonged. However, carpets do often require a need for their colors to be revived or brightened up every few years. Carpet dyeing can maintain the carpet appearance or even enhance the carpet color with some alterations. Carpet color can be renewed. When carpets appear dull or faded, carpet dye technicians come and clean the carpet. They follow the cleaning with a fresh application of dye. An experienced dye technician can match the carpet’s original dye coloring, thus renewing the carpet’s color. However, carpet coloring can be enhanced or altered by redyeing the carpet a different color.

Carpet Color Change

Carpet color alteration or color changes often help hotel management that might wish to change the internal color or theme of the hotel, without the need of replacing the hotel’s carpet. Carpet replacement, especially in hotels, can eat away the profits as the hotel will need to be closed in sections while the carpet is being replaced. Instead, the carpet color can be completely altered. There are some limitations as carpet can only be dyed a darker color. Hotel management never has to wait for carpet’s to appear dull, faded or even stained when seeking carpet dyeing services. Carpet color can be routinely renewed with ongoing carpet cleaning and dye services. Since carpet requires deep cleaning in hotels on a monthly basis, the carpet can be cleaned and dyed at the same time which helps to maintain clean and colorful carpets.

Dyeing Carpet with Pattern & Texture

Hotels often have multi-colored carpet and some with elaborate patterns. These carpets can be maintained and restored. However, carpets with patterns and those with multiple colors do take different approaches when they require redyeing. Often the task is done by a skilled and patient carpet dye technician as the work needs to be done by hand using a small hand tool. The carpet is dyed in small sections at a time to ensure quality and detailed work. A carpet dye technician, when dyeing patterned carpet, will often cone off small sections so as to not to impede the hotel operations and profits.

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With carpet dyeing services, hotel management can and do maintain clean and colorful carpets to enhance the quality of the hotel .For quality carpet dyeing services to restore dull carpet, as well as bleach spot repair and much more, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration and schedule our services today.

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