How Do You Fix a Bleach Spot on Carpet in Hyattsville, MD? Carpet Dyeing Repairs for Spots

When a bleach spot forms on your carpets you may begin looking for ways to get rid of the bleach spots. You may consider replacing the entire carpet, or you may want to try some DIY bleach spot repairs. Before you commit to any rash ideas, Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share how professionals can restore bleach spots on carpet and what to expect from a quality bleach spot repair.

How Can Bleach Mess Up Carpet?

A bleach spot on the carpet is the result from a bleaching chemical coming in contact with the carpet. A bleaching chemical or agent can be contained in a cleaning product which is the most common cause of bleach spots. However both bleach and chlorine, which also causes bleach spots, can be found in hygiene products. It is used to treat water and other day to day items. When the carpets are exposed to chlorine or bleach this chemical can cause the dye in the carpet to dissipate until all of the color is gone. Not only is the dye gone, but so is that bleaching agent that it is still in your carpet. It is lying dormant until reactivated. When bleach spots develop on the carpets, they are there to stay.

Can You Fix Bleach Spots on Carpets?

Bleach spots can be repaired. There is no need to replace carpet on the account of a few bleach spots. Bleach spots are repaired by restoring the color in the carpets. However, you may discover a ton of methods online to repair the bleach spot yourself. However, most of these methods do not work permanently or they don’t produce great results. If you want to repair a bleach spot yourself, the only recommended method is to use a dye kit that contains proper carpet dyes and a bleach neutralizer. However, do avoid dye kits with pre-made dye colors as these colors will never perfectly match your carpet. Pre-made carpet dyes never match because carpet manufacturers do not share or sell their color formula. The only way to create a perfectly matching dye color is to mix the right amount of red, yellow, and blues dyes together to create your carpet’s color. This is what a professional will do. However, the difference between a professional and those who want to repair the carpet themselves, is training. To recreate a carpet color is not easy and is one of main reasons why you will want to seek out a professional repair.

Carpet Dye Match

A professional carpet dye specialist knows how to properly repair a bleach spot and promises that the repair will perfectly blend in with the rest of the carpet. When repairing a bleach spot the first and most important step is to neutralize the dormant bleach in the carpet or the repair will never work. The carpet dye is then mixed and applied to the carpet. When done by a professional, the repair can be completed very quickly and the repair will look perfect and will last.

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Before replacing carpet or looking for a shortcut in repairing a bleach spot, contact Dye Pro Carpet dyeing & Restoration for quality bleach spot repair and other carpet dyeing services.

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