How Do You Restore the Color of Carpets in Assisted Living Facilities in Norman, OK? Carpet Dyeing!

Carpets will fade naturally over time. In fact, it is estimated that carpets lose 3% of their pigment each year. Carpet can also fade due to UV light and/or chemical exposure. Carpets are prone to developing stains and bleach spots as well. Even with dedicated carpet care, these aesthetic flaws will still occur. When carpet in an assisted living facility develops these types of carpet flaws, they can be corrected and the carpets restored with carpet dyeing. For an assisted living facility that has bleach spots, faded, or stained carpets, Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dyeing restores carpets.

How Do You Revive a Faded Carpet?

In an assisted living facility, carpets are used to help provide a soft and non-slip flooring, reduce noise and improve comfort. Carpet is a great flooring that can last for a long time with the proper care. However, even with routine carpet cleaning, carpet in an assisted living facility will develop fading, stains and bleach spots. When they do, the carpet doesn’t need to be replaced, but instead restored. Carpet dyeing is a specialty service that aims to restore carpet from these types of flaws. When carpets fade and or become dull, their color can be restored with a fresh coat of dye. Carpet with one solid color or those with patterns that have multiple colors can be redyed. Most carpet types can be redyed except for synthetic carpets. Depending on the size of the carpeted area, a few methods of applying the carpet dye are utilized. The dyes used to recolor the carpet are completely harmless and will not affect your guests. Dyeing the carpets can be done rather quickly and the dyes will not wash out when the carpet needs to be cleaned. Along with restoring the carpet’s color, the assisted living facility owner can also choose to change the color of their carpet if desired. Carpet dyeing can change the color of the carpets, removing the need to replace the carpets for a simple color change. After the carpet color has been revived, the assisted living facility owner can maintain clean and vibrant carpets with color revival carpet cleaning. This service helps to maintain clean and vibrant carpets.

Carpet Bleach Stain (Spot) Repair

Stains and bleach spots can also be corrected with carpet dyeing services. When the carpet has a stain that will not come out, these stains are known as specialty stains. A specialty stain is removed by bleaching them out. The bleaching agent will leave a bleach spot in the carpet that is then repaired. Bleach spots can be quickly repaired when they occur on the assisted living facility’s carpets. A professional technician repairs the spot by dyeing the flawed area with a perfectly matching dye to ensure the carpet looks perfect.

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With carpet dyeing services, the owner can always have clean and beautiful carpets inside their assisted living facility. The dyes used for carpets are non-toxic and will not cause any problems for your more sensitive patients. Carpet dyeing can have the assisted living facility’s carpet restored and looking great in no time at all. If you have carpet that needs to be restored with carpet dyeing, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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