How Professional Carpet Dye Contractors & Area Rug Dyeing Benefits Casinos in Atlantic City, NJ

With school back in session across America and along the east coast, casinos may be seeing less activity and finding mostly locals visiting the slots. It is during the off season that provides some of the best times to do all of the major maintenance for the building and the carpets. With the hustle and bustle of the summer tourists, often the carpets in a casino take a little bit of abuse and requires a much needed face-lift. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we can help restore carpets in casinos and its many benefits.

Carpet Dyeing to Brighten Faded & Discolored Carpets

Carpets in casinos are often a victim of abuse from stains, over cleaning, and basic wear. As carpets develop stains or begin to look faded or dull, often the casino management will look for ways to reclaim the carpets. Having clean and fresh looking carpet helps maintain the casino’s appearance. In many cases, the casino will have their carpets replaced. However, carpet replacements can be expensive and requires the casino to shut down the entire building or parts of the building while the carpets are being replaced. Before replacing carpets, know there is another option. Carpet dyeing can help revive carpet without long shut down periods. Carpet dyeing services can clean and restore the carpet’s color, thus renewing the carpet’s appearance. Carpet dyeing doesn’t require a long period of time to complete either. There is no need to close off the casino for long periods of time, which helps business. Not only does dyeing carpets help save the casino time, it also saves money. Replacing carpet on such a large scale can be very expensive. Additionally, there is the loss of income due to the closure for carpet replacements.

Full Room Carpet Dyeing Color Change

There other benefits of carpet dyeing. One is to have the option to dye the carpet another color. Dyeing carpet also helps save the casino the cost and time of carpet replacement when the casino wants to change the carpet’s color. Yes, carpet color can be changed. However, the carpet color can only go a darker color. This is because you are adding dye on top of the current color which results in a darker color. The lighter the current carpet is, the more options of color can be picked.

Carpet Dye Services for Bleach Spots

Carpet that has been affected by bleach spills can also be repaired with carpet dyeing. Bleach and other similar substances strip out the color pigment in carpet. Bleach spots can easily be repaired with carpet dyeing. For a busy casino, repairing bleach spots won’t interfere with business. The site of the bleach spot can be taped off and repaired in just a few hours or less. Bleach spots can tarnish the carpet’s appearance and reflect negative feelings about the casino’s care. As soon as bleach spills occur, they can be immediately repaired.

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Maintaining clean and beautiful looking carpet can be done quicker and easier than ever with carpet dyeing services. Contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration and schedule our services today.

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