How to Fix Bleach Spots (Stains) on Commercial Carpet in Columbus, OH; Color Dyeing Restoration

There are many commercial properties that use carpets. Carpets have many benefits from noise reduction to the improvement of temperature efficiency, and safer walking surface that provides better grip when walking. Carpets are also soft and come in a number of patterns, colors, and textures. Because carpets are dyed various colors once, the natural enemy is bleach. Bleach spots cannot be removed and permanently stains the carpet. Bleach spots come in many forms and from many different sources. Dye Pro Dyeing & Restoration would like to talk about bleach spots and how they can be repaired with carpet dyeing restoration services.

Sources of Accidental & Mysterious Bleach Spots

Bleach comes in many forms, and is a common ingredient used in many different types of products.
– Cleaning products such as mold and mildew cleansers and other bathroom cleaners contain high amounts of bleach. If misused or spilled on the carpet, it can result in a very unsightly bleach stain.
– Chlorine based cleaners is also essentially a bleach cleanser. They can kill most microorganisms including some of the strongest viruses and bacteria which is life threatening to humans and other animals. Because bleach can kill viruses and bacteria it is a very common cleaning product. Chlorine is also used to clean and maintain pools, when swimmers come inside, the pool water from a towel or dripping hair can get on the carpet and lead to a bleach stain. Pool’s chlorine bleach stains occur all the time in hotels and resorts that provide pools. Cleaning products are used in any setting and can get on the carpet either through misuse or from accidental spills.
– Another common source of bleach stains is from some hygiene products. Acne medication and many other forms of skin care and foot care products often contain Benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent which is a sister to bleach. Benzoyl peroxide has the same affects and can bleach what it touches. It will strip out the dioxide colors or dyes. If some put a skin care product that contains Benzoyl peroxide on their feet or body and then walks on the carpet or sits down, the cream will come in contact with the carpet. It will then result in bleach stains. These scenarios are common in hotels and resorts. Offices and commercial settings will get bleach stains typically through spill or the misuse of cleaning products.

How to Fix & Remove Bleach Spots on Carpet

Bleach spots can cause carpets to go white, yellow, or develop a blue or green discoloration depending on the type of dye in the carpet. Repairing bleach spots require the aid of a carpet dye specialist. A carpet dye specialist can dye over the bleach stain, matching the color and patterns in the carpet. The carpet dye specialist can create a dye mixture that reacts correctly with the bleach stain where the dye blends in perfectly with the rest of the carpet. Multi color carpet with patterns is just as easily corrected. It doesn’t matter where the bleach stain occurs or by what source. Bleach stains are easily repaired with dye correction and restoration services.

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For both commercial and residential carpet Dye Pro Dyeing & Restoration can help recover bleach spots, as well as faded or discolored carpet. To schedule our services, contact Dye Pro Dyeing & Restoration today.

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