How to Fix Carpet Discoloration in Portland, ME Hotels; Bleach Spots, Browning & More

Carpet in hotels can take quite a beating due to the flow of visitors and employees. However, there are a number of reasons why carpet can look dirty and discolored. Hotels especially encounter carpet discoloration and often undergo vigorous carpet cleaning which results in stripping the carpets of their color. When it comes to maintaining and caring for carpet it helps to know what causes carpet discoloration and what can be done to maintain clean and vibrant carpets even for hotels. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share what causes carpet discoloration in hotels and what can be done to recover the carpets.

What Causes Carpet Discoloration?

Carpet Bleach Spots: There are a number of hygiene, cleaning, and even ice melting products that contain bleach. It is surprising to see how many bleach stains occur in hotels. When you consider how often bleach stains occur it is not economical for hotels to replace their carpet each time a bleach stain occurs. Carpet dyeing specialists can come and dye over the bleach stains, restoring the carpet’s color.
Carpet Browning: When carpet appears brown after carpet cleaning this occurs because carpets contain cellulose fibers. To remove the browning, the carpet will need to be cleaned with an acetic acid. However, often the color of the carpet can be distorted, which makes the carpet’s color different from the rest. To help recover the carpet’s color and have the carpet match the rest of the hotel again, the carpet can be dyed.
Carpet Graying: Graying is a very common problem in hotels, especially in hallways. Graying occurs due to high traffic. To reduce the affect of high traffic areas, hotels need to frequently vacuum the carpet and even use rug runners to help protect the carpet in high traffic areas. Graying can occur anywhere in hotels including inside rooms, lobbies, and in halls. When carpet becomes too grayed, they can be cleaned and professionally dyed and re-colored.
Carpet Fading: Fading occurs when there is either too much sunlight, or is due to improper carpet cleaning. Sunlight from windows can fade and damage the surface of carpets, which occurs when window curtains are left open. Guests often don’t think about caring for the carpet in their hotel rooms which over time result in the carpet losing their color and looks faded. Carpet color can be restored when properly cleaned and re-colored.
Yellow Carpet: Depending on the hotel’s layout, there are some rooms that don’t contain any windows and have no natural light. Carpets that are never exposed to natural light can develop a yellowish color over time. These internal hotel room carpets often become discolored and look yellow. This occurs when BHT is present. BHT is found in the carpet padding and in the adhesive that binds the carpet fibers together. Yellowing can make carpet look dirty. Often carpet cleaning is requested but with little result. To restore the carpet’s color they often need to be re-colored with carpet cleaning and dyeing services.

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