How to Fix Discolored Bleach Spots on Carpets in Fairwood, MD; Professional Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of regulations have been put in place to help keep people safe. One of the regulations for commercial settings and in many homes is regular disinfecting and sanitation. When sanitizing and disinfecting cleaners are used, many contain high levels of bleach. Even though steps are being taken to combat this virus, all too often these cleaners will spill on the carpet leaving behind bleach spots. Bleach spots look terrible and can become very distracting. Even though bleach spots are common and happen more frequently, they don’t have to stay on the carpet for long. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how to properly restore bleach spots.

Why Does Bleach Take the Color Out of Carpet?

When a cleaner or chemical that contains bleach or even chlorine, accidentally drips on the carpet, it will result in a bleach spot. A bleaching chemical breaks down the dye compound until all of the color has dissipated, leaving behind the natural color of the carpet’s fibers. Carpets that are not synthetic and are made with natural fiber such as wool, are dyed during manufacturing which are prone to bleach spots. When bleach spots develop on the carpet, they cannot be simply washed away like a stain. Due to the absence of dye in the carpet, in order to repair the bleach spot, the site will need to be dyed.

Preparation for Bleach Spot Treatment

When repairing bleach spots on carpet, and for perfect restoration, seek out a professional bleach spot repair service. A professional service will make sure to take all of the steps needed to repair the bleach spot correctly and perfectly. One common step that gets overlooked during a DIY repair is preparation. Not all bleach spots will require the same steps when preparing the site to be dyed. Some bleach spots may still have some discoloration in the carpet. To repair the bleach spot perfectly, all color will need to be removed. In some cases bleach spots may require further bleaching to finish removing the irregular dye pigment. All bleach spots will require cleaning as well as neutralizing. Bleach remains active in carpet, sometimes for weeks or months. To successfully repair the bleach spot the bleach will need to be neutralized. A bleach neutralizer is used first and then the site is thoroughly rinsed.

Color Matching Carpet Dyeing

With the bleach spot site now prepared, the site can be redyed. However, another major key to a professional’s success in restoring a bleach spot is that they make the dye formula themselves. You will see a number of bleach spot repair kits complete with a pre-made dye that promises to match your carpet. However, this is impossible as manufacturers create their own custom dyes and they do not reproduce them for public use. The dye in the kit may come close but never perfectly matches. A professional will create the dye color by mixing red, blue, and yellow dyes together in varying amounts, creating the prefect color match. With an accurate dye formula they will then dye the bleach spot and restore the color.

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