Professional Carpet Dyeing to Change Color in Retail Stores & Shopping Malls in Fairfax, VA

Malls are the nations hot spot for shopping, dinning and more. Most malls use wood, tile and hard surface flooring for their halls, walkways and lobbies. However, many of the individuals shops transition to carpets for comfort. Carpet are sprinkled throughout malls and shops to help keep the shop cleaner. As carpets are washed and vacuumed often as they begin to fade or become discolored and or stains it becomes a major hassle to to replace the carpets. Shops must remove all of their products and close the door for a few days while the carpet is being replaced. However, with professional carpet dye and restoration services carpet can be easily restored. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we help restore carpets saving the shop time and money.

Carpet Dyeing the Same Color or to Change to Darker

Regardless of the commercial setting, carpets often take a lot of abuse due to high traffic, improper cleaning and in some cases UV damage. Carpet can begin to fade, discolor, and stain due to the abuse. Through carpet dyeing restoration services, carpet can be restored. When carpet need to revive it’s color a carpet dye specialist is needed. During carpet dyeing the carpet is always thoroughly cleaned to remove any contaminates that can interfere with the dye mixture. When carpet is dyed it can be either redyed it’s original color or a different color. There are some limitations to what colors the carpet can be dyed, depending on the current color of the carpet the carpet can be changed a new color.

Carpet Dyeing Process

There are a few methods carpet can be restored. One common method is carpet “color revival carpet cleaning services” where the carpet is cleaned and dyed at the same time which is when the entire carpeted area need to be restored. Another method uses a large sprayer to apply the dye over the carpet then blended in with a carpet raking tool. Carpet that has multiple colors and patterns can be more difficult and will take more time since small sections are dyed at a time. Additionally, to ensure quality a smaller air brush like tool to used to dye the carpet again in small sections. If you have carpet that has patterns expect the dying process to take longer to ensure quality.

Carpet Stain Removal & Bleach Spot Repair

When bleach falls on carpet the color will begin to strip right out leaving a pale spot on the carpet. Bleach spots don’t simply go away with cleaning. However, bleach spots can easily be repaired. Bleach spot can be repaired by putting color back in the carpet. Typically using a small dripping tool small amount of dye is worked back into the carpet until the bleach spot matches the rest of the carpet. Stains that alter the carpet such as ink, paints or other dye like substances can be a little tricky. The area that is stained must be cleaned to remove as much of the substance out of the carpet, and dye mixture is applied to counter act the alteration to help match the stain with the rest of the carpet.

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Carpet dye restoration services are a help to a number of commercial settings include malls and other retail centers. If you manage a retail store or other establishment and need your carpet’s restored, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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