Professional Commercial Carpet Dyeing & Restoration for Restaurants, Bars & Pubs in Waltham, MA

Bars, pubs and restaurants often use carpet, especially in the dining and gaming areas to provide a softer surface that helps to reduce noise. These establishments will also often use carpet to help add color and interest to the theme. Caring for carpet in a bar and restaurant setting may seem difficult. However, with carpet dye services, carpet can be easily maintained. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration service will share how carpet can be maintained in restaurants, bars and pubs all across the east coast.

Heavy Foot Traffic, Smoke Carpet Discoloration & More

The nature of restaurants, bars and pubs means the carpets are exposed to heavy foot traffic as well as alcohol and other beverages that may spill and stain the carpet. Smoke from smokers also can have its negative effects on carpets. Carpets that are exposed to excessive smoke by smokers can cause the carpet to discolor, adding a yellowish tint to the carpet. When carpets become stained, discolored or even faded, often they are replaced. However, with carpet dyeing services, the carpet can be easily restored which saves the bar or pub money and time.

Commercial Carpet Dyeing & Color Restoration Solution

Carpet in restaurants, bars and pubs can easily be restored with carpet dyeing services. When carpets are dyed they are always cleaned first to remove any particles trapped inside the carpet, which can interfere with the dyeing process. There are a few carpet dyeing methods that may be utilized. The method used may depend on the service providers preferred methods as well as the type and the condition of the carpet. Carpet can be cleaned and dyed with a carpet cleaning and color revival service. A carpet cleaning machine cleans and injects dye into the carpet at the same time. Another method is when a sprayer is used to apply the dye on the carpet that is later blended in with a carpet rake. For carpets that have patterns or multiple colors, they can be more difficult to dye. A small air brush like tool dyes the carpet in small sections at a time. Carpets can either be dyed their original color or the color can even be changed. However, there are limitations to what color the carpet can be dyed for those who want to change the color as carpet can only be dyed darker, not lighter.

Carpet Dye Contractors Can Remove Bleach Spots (Stains)

Bleach spots are simple to remove for professional carpet dye contractors. Since bleach removes the dye from carpet all that is needed is to add the dye back in. A perfectly color matched mixture is created and applied over the bleach spot. This removes the appearance of the spill completely.

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For those who own or manage a restaurant, bar or pub, and your carpet looks faded, stained, or discolored, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration. We can help save you the cost and time of replacing the carpet by restoring and extending the life of the carpet. For quality carpet dyeing and restoration services, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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