April 12, 2024

We had Dye Pro come out to perform both carpet dyeing and pet stain/odor treatment, and they did a fantastic job with both. We were dealing with a variety of discoloration, some in the form of smaller, bleached spots, others in the form of larger gradient areas – they were able to recolor all these areas to the point that we wouldn’t have known the stains were ever there to begin with. In addition, we had been struggling to control our cat’s incessant marking (she was going through a territorial phase), and weren’t having much success with store-bought enzyme-based products. Dye Pro were able to completely get rid of the odor. The technicians who worked on our house were friendly, efficient, and very thorough. They even took care of additional spots that we either hadn’t noticed or hadn’t mentioned. Highly recommend them to anyone dealing with any form of carpet staining or discoloration, pet-induced stains, odors, etc. Much cheaper and faster than trying to replace large areas of carpet. They also guarantee their work, so if you still notice discoloration or latent odor after the initial treatment, they’ll come back and fix it up at no additional cost.

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