Wall to Wall Hospitality Carpet Dyeing to Restore Color Loss in Hotels & Resorts in Ocean City, MD

Hotels and similar industries uses specialized carpets known as “Hospitality Carpet”. Hospitality carpets are different from regular commercial carpets, and are designed to withstand the abuse for frequent and dense foot traffic and additional exposure. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how hospitality carpet is different from other carpet and its extended care needs.

Types of Wall to Wall Hospitality Carpet Used in Hotels & Resorts

Hospitality carpets are specialized, and mostly used in hotels, resorts, and motels. There are about six different verity of hospitality carpets used in hotels. Each are slightly different from each other with better applications. However, you can often find one if not more of these types of carpets in hotels.
Cut Pile Graphics: A Cut Pile Graphic hospitality carpet is a 1/10 gauge pile that has a smooth cut top. A computer controlled machine then dyes each fiber, which is how this graphic or patterned designed carpet is made.
Precision Cut or Uncut Graphics (PCU): A PCU hospitality carpets is a 1/8 gauge pile that is typically textured. PCU carpets is a combination of cut yarn and loop yarn tufts.
Corridor Carpets: Corridor carpet is often used for lobby or entry areas in hotels. Corridor carpet is super dense and heavy weight 1/10 gauge pile that perfect for high traffic areas.
Enhanced Loop Graphic: The enhanced loop graphic hospitality carpet is 1/10 gauge pile that made with 100% loop pile. A computer controlled machine controls the pile height and color which creates different graphics in the carpet.
Multi Level Cut and Loop (MLCL): MLCL hospitality carpet is a 1/10 gauge pile that has a unique pattern that creates a three dimensional image simply by texture alone.
Graphic or Computer Yarn Placement (CYP): CYP is a super complex high end carpet that uses dynamic images. Greatly seen in the highest rated hotels. A computer controlled machine dyes the tuft in a unique pattern or image along with a texture that follows the image.

Carpet Dyeing to Restore Color Loss

These hospitality carpets often require additional care as not to interfere with the carpets unique textures, patterns and coloring. As these carpets are designed to survive the abuse of constant foot traffic they require special attention when maintaining their coloring and vibrancy. As hospitality carpets begin to lose their color and fade, they are often restored with carpet dyeing services. Carpet dyeing services often approach hotel carpet with additional care as carpets are such a major investment to the hotel. When restoring hospitality carpet the carpet dye service may often need to dye small sections at a time in which to make sure the proper pattern and color is repaired. Single colored carpets are usually much quicker to redye, as they don’t require to be redyed by hand. Rather they can be spray dyed. Another service that helps restore hospitality carpets is bleach spot repair. When bleach or other similar substances strip these quality carpets of their color, they can be easily restored.

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Hospitality carpets are high quality carpets used in hotel that don’t get replaced nearly as simply. Carpet dyeing services can help restore this unique carpet coloring from fading, discoloration and more. For hotels that have invested in these quality carpets and need help restoring and maintaining their beautiful coloring, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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