What Does Carpet Dye Do for Hotel Carpets in North Bethesda, MD? Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration

Carpet dyeing is a specialty service that aims to restore carpets that have faded, developed stains, bleach spots, and other visual flaws. Carpet dyeing can help to restore carpet in many different commercial settings, including hotels. Hotel owners or managers often need help restoring their carpets. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share the many benefits of carpet dyeing for hotels, and why hotel owners should seek carpet dyeing to restorer their carpets.

It is Cheaper to Dye Carpet than Replace It

Hotel owners that have carpets with bleach spots, stains or have faded, often need to find a solution to this problem. There are two major options. One is to replace the carpets and the other is to restore the carpets. Replacing carpets inside a hotel is a rather large investment. New carpet, along with the cost of removing and installing, can cost the hotel owner thousands of dollars. Carpet dyeing can spare the hotel owner the expense of replacing the carpets. When comparing costs, carpet dyeing can save the hotel owner 60% to 80%. Not only can dyeing the carpets help save the hotel owner money, but it can also help extend the life of the carpet, prolonging the need for carpet replacements.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Restoration

Carpet dyeing is a safe and eco-friendly way to restore the hotel carpets. The carpet dyes used are natural based and will not cause any health problems. The dyes bind to the carpet fiber and will not rub off or wash out. Not only are the dyes 100% environmentally friendly, but carpet dyeing also helps reduce carpet waste. When carpets are removed they need to be disposed of. Any waste will have an impact on our environment. Often carpet with aesthetic problems are still in great condition. It is a major waste to through away and impact our environment simply for the sake of aesthetics. Carpet dyeing restores the carpet’s beauty and prevents unneeded waste. To help the environment and ensure your guests and staff’s safety, carpet dyeing is the perfect solution.

Immediate & Long Lasting Carpet Dyeing Results

With carpet dyeing the results are immediate. The carpets appearance are quickly improved and the carpets look almost new. Not only is the result fast, but guests can also be walking on the carpets within hours. The hotel owner only needs to close off the carpeted sections until the carpet is fully dry. When comparing the time it takes for carpet to be removed, installed and shipped to the hotel, it can take weeks before the hotel has fresh carpets. Carpet dyeing can be completed and ready to walk on within hours.

Renew Faded & Discolored Carpets

Carpet is an effective way to restore the carpet color. Dyeing the carpet revives the carpet’s vibrant colors making the carpet look like new. Flaws such as stains and bleach spots can also be repaired ensuring the carpet is free of flaws and blemishes. When the hotel owner has carpet that looks old and wish for fresh and new carpets, carpet dyeing restores the carpets.

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