Why Carpet Dyeing & Cleaning is Better than Replacing Carpets when Selling a House in Crofton, MD!

Are you about ready to give up on your carpet? Is it covered in stains, bleach spots or looks so dirty you hate to step or lay on it? When your carpet’s state is severe you may wonder if it can be saved or if you should just make the investment to replace it, especially when selling your home. However, before you give up on your carpet, Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we can help restore your carpet and even extend its life for the new owners.

Cleaning Dirty Carpets

When the carpet begins to look gray or a brownish color, it likely looks very used and neglected. When the carpet is so dirty it is no longer inviting to walk or lounge on, it is time to have the carpet thoroughly cleaned. A professional carpet cleaner can deep clean the carpet. With a professional carpet cleaning service you get powerful steam carpet cleaning machines and solvents that are used to remove dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants. With professional carpet cleaning, you can recover dirty and neglected carpets in your home. Before getting rid of your carpet and replacing simply because it is dirty, consider scheduling a professional carpet cleaning.

Get Old Stains Out of Carpet

When spills occur on carpet you must act quickly to clean the stains to prevent stubborn or permanent stains. If the stains are not cleaned properly or quickly enough, the carpet will get permanent stains. When carpet develops stubborn stains you can seek a professional carpet cleaning. A professional knows the proper cleaning methods to remove some of the most stubborn stains. When stains do not wash out and the stains are permanent, these stains still can be removed. Permanent stains can be removed from the carpet by bleaching the stain out. The bleach will remove the stain as well as the color in the upholstery at the same time. Now you have a bleach spot on your carpet, right? However, the bleach spot can then be repaired.

Carpet Bleach Spot Repair

When your carpet has bleach spots either due to stain repair or due to an accidental spill, the bleach spot can be repaired. The bleach spots can be repaired by dyeing the carpet. The carpet is cleaned and treated with a bleach neutralizer and then dyed. A carpet dye specialist can perfectly create a dye color that matches the rest of the carpet. With professional carpet bleach spot repair, you can reclaim your carpet.

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Carpet can be restored and repaired when seeking the right help. Carpet cleaning, stain removal or bleach spot repair can help restore even the worst conditions of carpet. You can extend the need to replace your home’s carpet with proper care and cleaning. When you have carpet that is dirty, covered in stains or has bleach spots, the good news is that they can be restored. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration provides a number of unique services that can reclaim carpets. When you have carpet or carpets that need restoration, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration and schedule our services today.

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