Why Do Casinos Have Busy Floors? Dyeing to Match Casino Carpet Patterns in Atlantic City, NJ

Have you ever noticed how loud and crazy the carpeting usually is in casinos? There is actually a rhyme or reason to this obnoxious carpet. It is actually one area of the casino that has been carefully thought out. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration is here to talk about why this carpet is the way that it is and how it plays to the benefits of the casino to keep the colors as bright and vibrant as possible.

Why Do Casinos Have Busy Carpet Patterns?

Come to find out, there is much more that goes into the hideously ugly carpet that can only be found in a casino. There are several takes on why these carpets are so incredibly loud and busy. Truly, these carpets are a violation to every design rule ever made. Following are some of the reasons that are floating around cyberspace as to why the carpeting in casinos could start to give you a headache if you look at them for too long.

Casino Carpet Psychology Tricks

Have you noticed that you can’t find a clock anywhere in a casino? There are also no windows found anywhere in the building but there are free drinks that flow freely. These are all ploys to keep you at the tables and slot machines. No worries such as time or the way that the sun is setting outside to tear you away from poker machines and gaming. Well, just like these details that help keep you gambling, the carpet is known to do the same thing. The deliberate, horrible taste in carpet seems to keep people busy gambling.

Busy Casino Carpet Camouflages Gambling Chips

Some sources that have worked at casinos claim that the busy carpet will disguise gambling chips that are later swept up at the end of the day. The number of chips swept up at the end of the day turns into another way for the casino to bring in revenue.

Casino Interior Design Principles

Have you noticed that there are some casino carpets that have certain themes found throughout them? Some may have pictures of rainbows or outer space printed throughout them. Some say that the rainbows and other prints can bring a feeling of luck or other good feelings that keep people gambling.

Hide the Carpet Spills & Messes

One obvious reason for the busy carpeting is the fact that it hides almost anything and everything that could be spilled on it. Someone drops a cigarette and burns a small spot? You wouldn’t be able to find the spot if you tried. The booze and food that is spilt in casinos while people are gambling is nicely hidden on the busy carpet.

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The bright, vibrant carpets that are only found in casinos need to stay that way for a few reasons listed above. You can count on Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration to handle all your carpet dyeing needs. We can match the patterns found in loud casino carpet perfectly to keep those loud, boisterous colors as vibrant as ever. Call us today!

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