Assisting Maid Services with Carpet Dyeing in Salisbury, MD; Color Change, Bleach Spot Repair & More

Maid services are frequently used by both residential and commercial properties. Maid services provide a great service in maintaining the building they are hired to upkeep. As maid services can dive deep into cleaning many different atmospheres with detail, they too have their limits. One of the most challenging aspects of cleaning is the carpets. Maid services will often provide excellent carpet cleaning, they can’t stop carpet from fading or developing severe carpet blemishes such as bleach spots, coffee, wine or ink stains on carpets. Many of these spots are near impossible to remove, along preventing the carpet from fading. Often this is where a maid service will join forces and seek a hand from a quality carpet dyeing and restoration service. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we help maintain and restore carpets in conjunction with your maid services.

Whole Room Carpet Dyeing

When an entire room or area carpets have faded or became discolored, the entire area can be re-dyed using the original dye formula, which will renew the entire carpet’s color. Whole room carpet dyeing methods can vary from a carpet dyeing machine, or if best, a sprayer and blend tool is used. Methods can vary depending on the type of carpet and size of the room.

Carpet Dyeing Color Change

When a carpet needs its color renewed, the owner also has the option to change the carpet color instead of renewing its original color. A maid service can seek carpet dyeing services to help alter their client’s carpets. When carpet color is changed, the carpet can easily be dyed a different darker color. However carpet can’t be dyed a lighter color as the existing dye will mix with the new dye, which always results in a darker color.

Color Revival Carpet Cleaning

For maid services that have clients who wish to maintain the carpet color, carpet revival carpet cleaning is an optimal solution. Instead of waiting for the carpet to fade, maid services can seek a carpet dyeing service to maintain carpet color. With carpet revival carpet cleaning, the carpets are clean while small amounts of dye are injected into the carpet, thus maintaining clean and vibrant carpets.

Bleach Spot Carpet Repair

If a client of the maid service would like certain blemishes removed from their carpets, at times certain spots and stains prove to be a challenge. If blemishes occur that no amount of cleaning can remove, a maid service can seek the help of a carpet dyeing service. Permanent spots can be removed with carpet dyeing services. One of the easiest spots for us to repair are bleach spots. As bleach removes pigment, then simply, the pigment needs to be put back into the carpets. Stains that are from strong substances such as ink, red wine, or coffee can be bleached out and dyed to repair the carpet.

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There are many talents and skills that maid services can provide to their client. As some aspects of carpet care require specialty services, Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration often works alongside maid services, providing their talents. For maid services that find their clients need carpet dyeing services to restore their carpet color, or repair stubborn stains and more, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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