Pros of Carpet Dyeing, Bleach Spot Repair & Color Restoration of Carpets in Hagerstown, MD Schools

Carpet in schools for all ages, require frequent cleaning and care. The carpet needs to be cleaned at the beginning of the school year and then maintained throughout the entire school year. Those in charge of maintaining schools often struggle to keep the carpets clean. Due to the heavy foot traffic, carpet will develop soiling stains, become faded and often suffers stubborn blemishes such as bleach spots. When the carpet begins to lose its color, or develop stubborn stains, the school often needs to take action. Replacing carpet at the beginning or during the school year is often not an option as the school will need to be closed or sectioned off. In some cases, the school will be closed during replacements. Carpet dyeing services can help prevent that. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dye services can help school and their benefits.

How Does Carpet Dyeing Work to Restore the Color of Carpets?

When maintaining carpets in a school, it is important that the student’s education time isn’t interrupted. Carpet dyeing services don’t interrupt or interfere with the school schedule. Cleaning and dyeing carpets can occur during off school hours and various sections can be scheduled at a time to prevent any interruptions. An entire classroom carpet or many classrooms and hallways can be cleaned and dyed with color revival carpet cleaning or with whole room carpet dyeing, and the color restored. Another major benefit is the savings. Replacing carpet involves the cost of the old carpet being removed, followed by cleaning and preparing the subfloor for new carpet. Finally, there is the cost of the new carpet and installation. Each step costs time and labor. When restoring the carpet color, it can greatly save the school both the time and money of carpet replacements. Additionally, the dyes used for carpet are also non-toxic and won’t transfer or rub away once the dye is dry. When schools need help maintaining and restoring their carpet during the school year, they will find carpet dyeing services to be one of their greatest options.

Carpet Dye Contractor Services

Carpet dyeing services often provide more than just carpet dyeing. Some of the most demanding services we provide are bleach spot repair, whole room dyeing and color changing. Bleach spots are basically blemishes in the carpet that have lost their pigment. Bleach spot repair puts the pigment back into the carpet where the stain occurred. Another major requested service is repairing fading carpet. Once the carpet fades, the color can be revived. The original dye color is applied over the entire carpet to help restore its color. The color of the carpet can also be changed if the school desires. However, in most cases, the carpet needs to go a darker color.

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Schools have many challenges but maintaining clean and vibrant color carpets shouldn’t be one of them. As schools find they need help maintaining their carpet throughout the year, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dye & Restoration and schedule our services today.

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