Benefits of Professional Commercial Carpet Dyeing in Sandwich & Cape Cod, MA Resorts

You can find resorts all throughout the Northeast regions on the United States. Resorts are well known for their luxury setting, providing a great place where visitors can come and relax. Resort owners often have their hands full maintaining their buildings and ensuring their guests have a good time. However, one major battle for many resort owners are maintaining pristine carpets. One service that can help aid resort owners is carpet dyeing services. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share how we have been helping resorts and other commercial properties restore their carpet and help save them time and money.

General Wear of Carpeting in Resorts

Resorts often use carpets in the halls and rooms to provide a soft surface that also absorbs noise. They also add unique colors and designs to the resorts décor and theme. However, carpet inside resorts can take quite a beating in a short period of time. Carpet can fade and lose its color due to high foot traffic that brings in dirt. This dirt gets trapped in the carpets. Carpets often develop gray trails that stain the carpets, making them look dirty and old. Often carpet undergoes frequent cleaning to help maintain the carpets, which can actually cause the carpet color to fade quicker making the carpet appear dull. If it’s not the high foot traffic or carpet cleaning that wears out the carpets, then it is the sun. The light from the sun can fade the carpet and create odd shapes where sunlight comes through the windows. Carpets also develop spills from cleaning products that result in bleach spots that can’t be removed. Since carpets can be difficult to maintain, often resort owners must replace the carpet and in most cases before the carpet is actually worn out which leads to a lot of waste. To help prevent waste, carpet dye service are helping in many ways to restore carpets.

How Carpet Dyeing Companies Can Help Resorts

Bleach Spot Removal – Carpets in resorts are prone to developing stubborn spots including bleach spots which are impossible to remove. Bleach actually strips the color out of carpet which is why they can’t simply be cleaned or removed. A carpet dye specialist can help recover carpet that has been bleached by applying dye back into the carpet. We are able to match the original carpet dye by adding small amounts of dye into the carpet until that spot is gone.
Carpet Color Revival Cleaning – Another method that carpet dyeing services use to help restore carpet is total carpet dyeing or color revival carpet cleaning. During carpet color revival cleaning the carpets are cleaned. At the same time, small amounts of dye are added into the carpet, which revives the carpet’s color. This makes the carpet look new. Carpet cleaning and color revival is a quick and simple way of restoring carpets.
Whole Room Carpet Dyeing – Another popular service is whole room carpet dyeing. This service is when the resort owner wishes to recolor the carpet color. Carpets can be dyed a new color when a resort chooses to change up the colors of the building’s décor or theme. However, the changes are limited to the current color of the carpet. Additionally, carpet can only go a darker color as you are essentially adding color to the existing dye.

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Carpet dyeing services can help restore carpet and rugs in resorts. By restoring the carpets the resort doesn’t have to spend the money replacing carpet which helps save money as well as time since carpet dye takes far less time than total carpet replacement. If your resort needs carpet dyeing services, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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