Commercial Carpet Dye Contractors Dyeing Carpet in Attorney Offices in Washington, D.C.

When you walk into an attorney’s office you often expect to see everything clean, organized and well taken care of. While walls can be painted and cleaned, and furniture polished, carpet often requires a lot of vacuuming and cleaning. In an attorney’s office the carpet withstands high foot traffic, discoloration from sunlight damage as well as improper or over cleaning of the carpet. To help maintain clean and colorful carpet in attorney’s offices, Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dyeing can help save time, money and usable carpet throughout Washington D.C.

Professional Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

Carpet dyeing is becoming a more and more popular carpet restoration service. Even old, dull or faded carpets can be restored with vibrant colors through carpet dyeing. Carpet dyeing not only restores the carpet and extends the life and use of the carpet, it also saves money. Carpet dyeing can help save a significant amount versus replacing carpets prematurely. Additionally, carpet dyeing is fast. The size of the area will determine the length of time to dye the carpet. However, essentially the carpet is cleaned and then dyed. Once the carpet is dry, the job is done. It can take days when replacing the carpet where the old carpet must be removed, the subfloor cleaned and prepped, and new carpet installed. Carpet dyeing uses non-toxic and non-transferable dyes that dries quickly and restores the carpet color. However, there are many other ways carpet dyeing can help restore carpets, such as:

Custom Carpet Dyeing

The entire carpet can be dyed to either restore the carpet’s original color, often through color revival carpet cleaning. Another option is to change the color of the carpet. If the attorney wishes to change the color of the office and flooring, they do not have to replace the carpet. Instead they can dye the carpet a new color. There are some limitations to what color the carpet can be changed to, which will depend on the current color of the carpet and what options are possible. The entire carpet can be dyed either the original color or a new color. Either way, the end result is vibrant new looking carpets.

Bleach Spot Restoration

When it comes to carpet spots in an attorney’s office, the biggest problems are bleach spots from spills and improper cleaning methods. Bleach strips the color from carpet fibers. The bleach spot removal process is usually done by hand with a small dropper or air brush. A small amount of perfectly color matched dye is injected over the stain and then the dye is blended with the rest of the carpet.

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When an attorney’s office requires help in maintaining clean and vibrant carpets and wants to save money on premature carpet replacement, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration. We provide a number of carpet restoration services including carpet dyeing.

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