Bleach Spot, Stain Removal & Carpet Dyeing Restoration for Assisted Living Facilities in Baltimore, MD

Carpet dyeing restoration is a trending service that many carpet owners are realizing the value of. With modern technology, carpet dyeing services have revolutionized to deliver extremely high quality services. When stains, blemishes, fading, and other discoloration can be easily repaired with carpet dyeing and it is much cheaper than replacing, this solution is much more ideal. In assisted living facilities, you need to project a professional, clean, and pristine appearance and also allow the guests and residence to feel comfortable. Seeing stains and blemishes can be distracting and make an otherwise immaculate room look rundown and unsightly. Today, we at Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing and Restoration would like to elaborate on dyeing carpets in assisted living facilities in the Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia area and beyond.

Carpet Color Cleaning

In high traffic areas, such as are common in assisted living facilities, carpets can become faded and dull, losing approximately 2% of their color a year. One option to restore sun faded and dull carpets is color revival carpet cleaning. Infusing a small amount of corresponding dye to the carpet cleaning of assisted living facilities will keep the carpets vibrant for longer as well as ensure the carpets are deeply cleaned, sanitized and deodorized.

Full Room Carpet Dyeing

A full carpet dyeing service for your assisted living facility is another viable option. Where carpet dyeing cannot lighten the current shade, it can dye the carpet a different color or a darker shade. With the help of dependable, skilled, and experienced technicians, you can preserve carpet that is still in good condition and dye the fibers to match with a recent interior painting project or even conceal old stubborn stains that simply won’t come out. In any case, a whole room carpet dyeing can be the optimal and most effective solution to match the carpeting or to conceal some irreparable staining.

Repair Bleach Spots (Stains)

Chemical spots, primarily bleach and bleach-based products are irreversible. Once the bleach makes contact, it strips the color off of the carpet. The longer the bleach sits, the lighter the spot will be. Carpet dyeing can match the existing color of the carpet and blend the bleach spots away, making it seamless and beautiful with a detailed process to ensure maximum results in your assisted living facility.

Remove Tough Stains from Carpet

Severely stained carpets that are in otherwise perfect condition can be saved with a gentle bleach solution that removes the stain and allows technicians to match the existing color to dye the spot back to its original shade. Stains that can’t even be beat with professional carpet cleaning can be potentially saved with carpet dyeing.

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If the carpets in your assisted living facility can be repaired with carpet dyeing in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and beyond, call Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing and Restoration and let our expert technicians restore your carpet.

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