Accidental Damage Coverage Home Insurance in Vienna, VA Can Cover Carpet Dyeing Costs!

Most people will file a claim with their homeowner’s insurance for major damages such as flooding, fire, storms or other significant events that caused major damage to their home. However, you don’t have to wait until your entire home is falling apart before you can file a claim. When minor flooding or fire damage occurs, it can leave its mark in your residence, especially when it involves your carpets. Carpets often require a lot of work when it comes to cleaning and restoration after either flooding or a minor fire. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how your carpet can be restored after a fire or flood; and when to involve your insurance company.

Should Carpet Be Replaced After Fire & Water Damage?

Both fire and water can damage carpets. Even if the fire was contained and minor in nature, the emissions and gas produced by fire can cause carpets to discolor. Fire emissions can cause carpets to develop a yellowish tint along with an unpleasant smoke odor. In new carpet that has been discolored due to minor fire damage, it seems like a waste to replace the carpet due to odors or discoloration. The same can be said about water or flood damage. When carpets have been flooded, you will need to undergo major restoration steps to prevent mold. After you have extracted the water, thoroughly dried out the carpets, cleaned them, and restored your carpet after a flood, it is common for the carpet to lose its coloring. Recovery costs can add up and become a major investment that oftentimes people just don’t have in their budget. This is when you should involve your homeowner’s insurance.

Accidental Damage Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

The first question you should ask yourself is “are you protected?” Many home insurance policies include coverage for accidental damages which can help protect your home from minor to extreme damages. In some situations the accidental damage policy can cover needed services such as carpet restoration after fire or flooding. This can include the cost of redyeing carpet in some cases as well. When carpets can be saved, but require some additional repairs such as redyeing, it is considered part of the restoration process. When filing, make sure you take pictures of the damages along with a final quote of the restoration, cleaning and redyeing cost. It is also important to know that not all insurance companies will protect you from accidental damages. Read through your home insurance policy and see if you’re covered. Some insurance policies can have add on options. If you want protection from future damages, contact your insurer and see what add on options are available. When new carpet receives minor damage but doesn’t require full replacement just yet, you may not be able to cover the restoration cost yourself. Get in touch with your home insurance agent and see if your policy protects you from fire or water damage as well as other accidents such as bleach spills, and if your carpets can be covered. Carpet dyeing is a simple, noninvasive solution for carpet that has been stained or discolored from these situations.

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