Can Bleach Stains (Spots) Be Removed from Carpets in Randallstown, MD with Carpet Dyeing?

When bleach spots ruin the carpet’s aesthetics, many homeowners or business owners will look for a solution. Bleach spots are not an easy problem to fix. When bleach contacts the carpet, it will break down the dye and remove the pigment in the carpet. Unlike a stain that can be removed with proper cleaning, bleach spots will require restoration of the carpet’s color. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how bleach spots are repaired.

What Happens if You Spill Bleach on Carpet?

Bleach spots are distracting and ruin the aesthetics of the carpets. The look of the carpet can have a major impact on the aesthetics of the home or business. Luckily, when bleach spots form they can be repaired, recovering the beauty of the home and it’s carpets. When bleach contacts the carpet, the dye compound breaks down the color and sometimes very quickly. Depending on the strength or concentration of the bleach, the bleach spot can vary. Diluted bleach may not completely remove all of the color out of the carpet, where straight bleach will only leave the color of the carpet’s natural fibers behind. When bleach spots need to be repaired, it is important to determine the level of bleaching that has occurred. If some of the color still remains on the carpet, it can interfere with the new dye that will be used to repair the carpet. In some situations the bleach spot may need to be bleached out more. By removing all of the color it will be easier to perfectly match the dye with the rest of the carpet.

Bleach Neutralizer & Cleaning of Carpet

If additional bleaching is needed, that will be done first. If not, the site will need to be cleaned. When cleaning the site around the bleach spot, the technician will make sure there is no dirt or other substances in the carpet. More importantly, once the site is clean, a bleach neutralizer is used. Bleach is still active in carpet even if the bleach has dried out. The dye used to repair the bleach spot will not work if bleach is not neutralized first. The technician will neutralize the bleach and then thoroughly clean and rinse out the site.

How Do You Fix a Bleach Spot on Carpet?

To repair a bleach spot, the affected area will need dye put back into the carpet. A carpet dye technician will recreate the dye. We do this by mixing the perfect formula of red, blue and yellow dye together. Dye needs to be made on site to ensure the color matches perfectly. The reason why dyes are made by hand is because the manufacturer’s dye color is unique to their company and they do not sell their dyes. Additionally, the color of the carpet will slightly change over time. The technician will make the needed adjustments to make sure the repair matches the carpet’s current color. You will only get a perfect dye color through a professional carpet dye technician. Once the dye is properly applied, the bleach spots are gone and beautiful carpets is your reward.

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When bleach spots develop on your carpets, seek out professional bleach spot repairs. It is fast and affordable and you will be happy with the results. For bleach spot repair, carpet dyeing and more, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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