Carpet Dyeing, Bleach Spot Repair & Cleaning Carpets Helps Realtors Market Homes in Olney, MD

When a home or condo is put up for sale, often it is up to the realtor to sell the residence. When selling a home or condo, they are often sold as is. The previous owners might not wish to improve the home or condo’s condition but still want the full market value. This can make it a big challenge for the realtor to sell the property. Often the home needs a little work to make it more appealing to a buyer. There are many aspects to the home and in many situations the carpets are in need of improvement. When carpet looks dull, is faded and/or has stains and bleach spots; the realtor needs help improving the state of the carpet. This is where a carpet dyeing service is the answer. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we can help restore and improve carpets for realtors.

Carpet Cleaning & Color Revival

Carpet dyeing services can help provide a number of different services to restore and improve the look of carpets. When selling a home or condo, often the carpets are left in a poor state. One of the first steps in restoring the carpet is the need for possible cleaning. Often it just needs to be cleaned. Hopefully the stain will disappear and the carpets are ready for restoration. Carpet with faded pigment looks old. Luckily carpet color can be revived by redyeing the carpet. The entire carpeted areas can be redyed which will instantly bring back the carpet’s vibrant color. Both solid or carpet with multiple colors and pattern can be redyed. Now in some cases the carpet isn’t in bad condition and only need a little bit of improvement. This is where carpet cleaning/ carpet dyeing comes onto the scene. Carpet can be cleaned and dyed at the same time. This helps to remove the dirt and grime out of the carpet and leave behind a small amount of dye to help brighten the carpet’s appearance.

Carpet Stain Removal & Bleach Spot Repair

In many cases the home or condo has relatively new carpet, but they may have a few stains or bleach spots. When there are stains that will not wash out or bleach spots, a realtor can seek the aid of a carpet dyeing service. Stains that will not come out with cleaning can be removed by bleaching. The stain as well as the dye in the carpet will be removed, leaving behind a blank canvas. With a fresh start the bleach spot can be repaired. When repairing a bleach spot it is essentially the absence of the dye or pigment in the carpet. To repair the bleach you simply need to apply dye in the affected area. Before the bleach spot can be repaired it will need to be cleaned and the bleach neutralized. Then a professional carpet dyeing service will match the dye perfectly to ensure the repairs blend with the rest of the carpet’s coloring. Both stains and bleach spots can be repaired help to improving the sale of homes and condos.

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