Can Commercial Carpets Be Dyed? Hotel Carpet Dyeing & Bleach Spot Repair in Perry Hall, MD

Hotel owners often invest in the best carpets to ensure the quality and beauty of the hotel. Along with investing in quality carpets, hotel owners dedicate a lot of time and care for their carpets. Carpets inside a hotel receive regular vacuuming and deep cleaning. Even though the carpets are properly cared for, they can still develop certain problems such as stains, bleach spots or fading colors. When carpet inside a hotel develops these types of problems, the hotel owner needs help improving the carpet’s appearance. Carpet in hotels are greatly cared for which makes them the perfect candidate for carpet dyeing restorations. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we can help restore the beauty of the carpet inside hotels.

Revive a Faded Carpet

Carpets that begin to fade are either due to improper carpet cleaning, UV light exposure, or even due to the effects of time. When carpets begin to fade inside a hotel, they look neglected and old, which is not the impression a hotel owner wants to give their guests. Faded carpet can have their colors restored with commercial carpet dyeing. Carpets can be dyed once the colors begin to fade. The entire carpeted area can receive a fresh coat of dye. The hotel can choose to dye their carpet the same color or even change the color of their carpets. When dying the carpet the application process can be completed fairly quickly. This is good for the hotel owner as they need their rooms and other areas of the hotel opened to their guests. Carpet dyeing can help revive the youthful appearance of the carpets without the need to replace the carpet or shut down areas of the hotel.

Carpet Bleach Spot Repair & Stain Removal

When the hotel has great looking carpets, nothing is worse than a bleach spot. A bleach spot is very distracting to say the least. When a hotel owner has a bleach spot on their carpets, they often want to have the bleach spot repaired quickly. Bleach spots can be repaired inside a hotel permanently and quickly. When repairing a bleach spot it is important that the site is properly cleaned and the bleach neutralized. To properly repair the bleach spot you will need to redye over the bleach spot. You will need to use a quality dye that matches the rest of the carpet perfectly. A carpet dyeing service will apply the dye and make sure the dye binds to the carpet and ensures the bleach spot is properly repaired. When a hotel owner has a stain in their carpets that will not wash out, these stains can be removed by bleaching them out. When a stain will not wash out the next step to remove the stain is by bleaching the stain out. Not only will the staining substance be removed but also the carpet’s dye as well. At this point you will have a bleach spot which will be repaired and the carpets are again stain free.

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