Carpet Dyeing to Fix a Bleach Spot on Carpets in Assisted Living Facilities in Clarksburg, MD

Carpet will develop stains, bleach spots can occur, and even the carpet color can fade even with the best carpet care. Even when carpet has been properly cleaned and cared for, it can still lose its aesthetic appeal. Even though carpet can develop aesthetic issues, they make for perfect flooring in all assisted living facilities. Carpet provides a non-slip and soft surface for the guests and residents of the facility. However, when carpet does begin to fade or develop bleach spots, these aesthetic problems can be repaired. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpets with simple appearance problems can be corrected with carpet dyeing services.

Carpet Dyeing to Fix Accidental Bleach Spots on Carpet

Carpets inside assisted living facilities are exposed to a number of chemicals every day and particularly, cleaning chemicals. Assisted living facilities require vigorous cleaning and disinfecting with cleaners that are able to kill germs, bacteria and viruses. These cleaners often contain bleach or chlorine which is then exposed to the carpets. This can result in a bleach spot. Bleach spots are ugly and are distracting, especially in an assisted living facility. Luckily, bleach spots can be repaired. A professional bleach spot repair technician will ensure speedy repairs of the carpet and make them look great. Poor bleach spot repairs result in odd color spots on the carpet that do not match and end up looking more like a stain. To ensure the repairs look great, a professional can perfectly match the color of the carpet and ensure quality bleach spot repairs.

Get Color Back in Faded Carpet

Assisted living facilities may also have carpet that fades which can occur over time, or from UV light exposure or even improper carpet cleaning. When the carpet fades in an assisted living facility the carpets are due for redyeing. The entire carpeted area can be redyed which enriches the color of the carpet. The carpet color can also be changed if the assisted living facility owner desires for a bit of color change. However, as the new color dye will be applied over the top of the carpet, it will result in a darker color. When dyeing the carpet or even repairing a bleach spot, the dye is permanent. This allows the carpet to be cleaned later without fear of the dyes washing out. Additionally, the dyes are non-toxic which ensure the safety of the residents and guests.

Color Revival Carpet Cleaning

After the assisted living facility owner has had the carpet color repaired or had new carpet installed, they can maintain the carpet color with color revival carpet cleaning. This is a specialized service that is designed to maintain and or prevent carpets from fading. While the carpets are being cleaned, they can be dyed at the same time. Only a small amount of dye is needed to maintain the carpet color. However this service is proven to maintain clean and beautiful carpets.

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Carpet dyeing has a number of applications especially for assisted living facilities. When the assisted living facility owner needs help maintaining and restoring their carpet appearance, carpet dyeing services can help. For quality carpet dyeing services contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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