Can Existing Hotel Carpet Be Dyed in Glen Burnie, MD? Carpet Color Correction & Restoration

Does the carpet in your hotel look old, dull and full of stubborn stains and bleach spots? If so, the carpets are most likely affecting the aesthetics of your hotel. You may be considering having the carpets replaced to help improve the hotel’s appearance. However, before you invest in carpet replacements, there is another alternative and it is one that can save you time and money. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how hotel owners can have their carpets restored.

How Can I Make My Hotel Look New Again?

Carpets are a great flooring choice that brings comfort and beauty to your hotel. What most people do not realize is that carpet can be restored much like hardwood floors. When hardwood floors develop scratches and discoloration, the floor is sanded down and refinished. Afterward, the hardwood floors look like new. Carpet can also be restored and made to look new again. However, the process is much different. When your carpets appearance is compromised but the carpet is still in great condition, the carpet can be restored with commercial carpet dyeing services. Carpets are restored by redyeing their pile or the fibers. When the carpet pile is redyed the color looks just like it did when it was new. A hotel owner can renew their carpet’s appearance with commercial carpet dyeing services.

Can You Spot Dye Carpet to Match or Dye a Darken Color?

Commercial carpet dyeing helps to restore the hotel carpet that has been discolored, faded, or has developed bleach spots and even permanent stains. When correcting faded or discolored carpets, the entire carpeted area will be cleaned and then dyed. The carpet can be dyed to its original coloring or dyed a new color. When dyeing the carpets, the hotel owner will want to have all of the furniture off the carpets and ensure the carpet will be left alone until it is fully dry.

Carpet Bleach Spot Repair & Stain Removal

If the hotel carpet has bleach spots or stains that need to be removed, commercial carpet dyeing can repair the carpet. Bleach spots can be repair very quickly. The process is simple. The site is cleaned, the bleaching agent is then neutralized, and afterward, it is dyed. Removing a permanent stain starts by bleaching the stain out of the carpet. At this point you have a bleach spot which is repaired the same way.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

Commercial carpet dyeing services can help restore the hotel carpets. Carpet dyeing is fast and effective. Additionally, carpet dyeing is much more affordable as compared to carpet replacements. When seeking carpet dyeing, an entire room can be dyed and ready for guests within hours. Stains and bleach spots only takes 30 minutes to repair. Carpet dyeing reduces the amount of time a room or section of the hotel will need to be closed off to guests. In some cases, carpet dyeing services can even work around guests and staff, thus preventing the need to shut down sections of the hotel altogether. There are many benefits of commercial carpet dyeing services which make it a much more attractive solution for hotel owners.

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