Carpet Dyeing to Remove Yellow Bleach Spots from White or Other Color Hotel Carpets in Towson, MD

When it comes to both commercial and residential carpets, at times bleach spots can mysteriously show up out of nowhere. Bleach spots can permanently affect the carpet’s aesthetics as well as the rest of the building or home. Bleach spots, in any setting, is unacceptable to say the least. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share some of the common culprits that cause bleach spots on hotel carpets and how they are repaired.

Why Does Bleach Change the Color of Carpet?

When wool or other natural fiber blend carpets are manufactured, the pile is woven into the carpet base. Once the carpet has been woven, or essentially made, it will then go into the dyeing process. As color demands vary, carpet manufacturers save the dyeing process for last. As carpet fibers are not naturally colored and are dyed, the dyes can be broken down under the right conditions. In the case of bleach spots, which are common during maid cleaning in hotels, a bleaching agent can cause dye to dissipate. The dyes can lighten up or disappear altogether, depending on the level of bleaching. There are various levels of bleaching that can occur on carpet. The severe level is when the carpet dye has been completely removed from the carpet, leaving behind the fiber’s original color which is a whitish or yellowish hue. Mild or less exposure to a bleaching agent can result in a lighter color of the carpet such as a dark blue may look light blue or gray. On black carpet, the bleach spot will appear brownish in color. Bleaching can have an interesting effect on dyes and bleach spots can come in many colors. However, the classic bleach spot are those pale whitish colored spots that are there to stay.

Mysterious Bleach Spots on Carpet?

Bleach spots occur when a bleaching agent comes in contact with the carpets. In most cases the bleach spot is the result of a cleaner spilling or being misused on the carpets. There are many household cleaners that contain bleach such as Clorox products, Ajax, or Comet. Even bleach is used to clean the inside of many hotel rooms and other areas. Unfortunately, spills can occur. Chlorine is also another bleaching agent found in cleaner as well. Surprisingly, enough there are many hygiene products that are used to kill bacteria on the skin that is a bleaching agent. Many hotel occupants will apply a foot cream and then walk across there carpet to discover bleach spots later on. When coming in from a swimming pool the chlorine soaked towel that was dropped on the floor and left there for hours can also causes a bleach spot to occur on the carpets. There are many source or cause of bleach spot on hotel carpets.

Carpet Dye for Bleach Spots

When bleach spots do develop on hotel carpet, they can be repaired. With a professional carpet dying service the bleach spot can be removed or repaired perfectly. First the carpet dye technician will clean the bleach spot site. At times, further bleaching may be needed if some pigment remains in the carpet and will interfere with the dyeing process. Once the site has been prepped the carpet dye technician will recreate the carpet dye formula. As manufactures use different dye formulas, it is impossible to buy the right dye mixture. This is why a professional dye service will make the dye formula themselves to ensure the dye matches perfectly. The dye is carefully applied and then the carpet is repaired.

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