Can You Dye Over a Bleach Spot on Carpets in Laurel, MD? Carpet Dyeing to Repair Spots & More

Have you ever looked at a bleach spot and wondered how it can be removed or repaired? Bleach spots ruin your carpet’s aesthetics. They are distracting and bleach spots do not go away on their own. A bleach spot is a permanent mark on your carpets that will not wash out. When bleach spots occur, you may look online for ways to reduce the mark’s appearance. You may find a number of DIY methods but none of them can compare to a professional bleach spot repair. A professional doesn’t reduce the appearance of a bleach spot, they remove it completely. With proper repair you will never know a bleach spot ever occurred on your carpets. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how a professional carpet dye specialist repairs bleach spots and guarantees their repairs.

What Does a Bleach Spot Look Like on Carpet?

As many people know all too well, a bleach spot is not a stain but the absence of color in the carpet. When a bleaching agent or other similar chemical, such as chlorine, contacts the carpet, they will break down the dye compound until all color dissipates away. When bleach spots form on the carpet, you will need to reclaim the color. This is done by dyeing over the bleach spot. However, there are a couple of steps that must be taken to ensure a quality repair.

Clean & Neutralize Bleach Spots to Treat

The first step to restore a bleach spot is to clean the area to remove all of the dirt and contaminates in the area. As the site is being cleaned, the carpet dye specialist will apply a bleach neutralizer. The bleach neutralizer is essential to ensuring a proper and quality repair. The bleach is a chemical that goes dormant but never goes away. If you wet the area you will reactivate the bleach and prevent the new dye from binding to the carpet. The bleach will simply break down the new dye. This is where most DIY repairs will fail, since a bleach neutralizer is never used.

Color Match Carpet Dye

After the site has been cleaned and the bleach neutralized, the next step is to create a perfectly matching dye color. When repairing a bleach spot you will need to mix red, blue, and yellow dye in the right proportions to create an accurate dye color. The specialist must make their own dye color because carpet manufactures do not sell there dye, and all of them use different colors and tones. A professional carpet dye specialist is able to create a dye color that matches your carpet color perfectly. Their ability to do this comes with a lot of training and experience.

How to Repair a Carpet Bleach Spot?

Once the dye formula is created, the carpet dye specialist will apply the dye in small doses, slowly working the dye into the carpet. Once the dye has been applied, the carpet is repaired! For family or business owners with concerns about the safety of carpet dye, you needn’t worry. The dye are non-toxic and most are plant based. Additionally, the repairs are permanent which means the carpet can be cleaned without fear of the dyes bleeding out.

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