Can Commercial Hotel Carpets Be Dyed in Edgewood, MD? Carpet Dyeing & Color Restoration

Owners of hotels, big and small, work hard to keep their building clean and healthy. With the ever demanding needs to sanitize public buildings, hotels undergo intense cleaning. All areas of the hotel are cleaned, including the carpets. Carpets are vacuumed daily and deep cleaned frequently. To ensure the carpets are clean and free of germs and bacteria they are often chemically treated or steam cleaned. This intense carpet cleaning will kill any and all germs, viruses and bacteria in the carpet. However, where this intense carpet cleaning is necessary, it can have a negative effect on the carpet’s color. Carpet dye can bleed out with intense carpet cleaning or when exposed to the wrong cleaning chemical. As a result the hotel owner will have faded out carpet that looks aged and dirty. Even though the carpets are clean, their appearance needs work. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet color can be restored and better maintained even with extreme carpet cleaning demands.

How Do You Get Color Back in Faded Carpets?

The higher quality carpets are made from a natural fiber that is dyed. Cheaper carpet is made from a synthetic fiber that is already colored. Hotel owners often use the more expensive natural fiber carpet that is dyed. Dyes can fade either due to intense or improper carpet cleaning, UV light exposure, or aging. Hotel owners will take great care maintaining their carpet which makes them perfect for carpet dyeing restoration. When the carpet in a hotel is faded in color, it can be restored and rather quickly. A carpet dyeing service can dye even a large, carpeted area within a day, unless the carpet has many different colors and patterns. If this is the case, then the carpet requires a bit more time to dye. Often carpet with colored patterns require a hands on approach, where solid carpet can be dyed using a sprayer or carpet dying machine.

Carpet Dye Applied when Cleaning Carpets

When dyeing the carpets, quality dyes are used. When the carpet in a hotel are dyed, the dye will not rub off or wash out right away when the carpets are cleaned. The dyes are natural based and are non-toxic which ensures the safety of the hotel’s guest. Once the carpet color has been restored, the carpet will look new once again. However, the carpet will still need intense cleaning, which will eventually cause the dyes to fade out once again. Some carpet dyeing services provide a quality carpet cleaning service that cleans and dyes the carpets at the same time. This service is ideal for hotels. When the carpet needs to be cleaned, to prevent the dyes from fading out, small amounts of dye are applied to the carpet while it is being cleaned. This service helps to maintain colorful and beautiful carpets for hotels and other commercial settings.

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When the carpet fades inside a hotel, whether it is the hotel’s lobby, hall, conference halls, or rooms, the carpet can be dyed and the color renewed. When a hotel owner needs help restoring their carpets’ color, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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