Can You Professionally Dye Carpet in Worcester, MA? Carpet Dyeing for Realtors & More

Realtors most often have a good eye for what can improve a home’s chances for a sale. At times the home may have some flaws that need to be corrected to help put a home on a buyer’s list. Often the carpets can be a major turn off for many buyers. When the carpet looks old or faded, a buyer may not want to invest in replacing floors or carpets before they move into a home. When the carpets are a home’s major blemish, the carpet can be improved with carpet dyeing services. In fact, there are many different ways carpet dyeing services can help to enhance and even renew the appearance of carpets. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we aid realtors in selling homes with bad looking carpets.

Whole Room Carpet Dyeing

When the entire carpet looks old and faded, the carpet can be renewed simply by reviving the carpet’s color. Whole room carpet dyeing is a service that dyes the entire carpet. The carpets can be dyed the original color or the carpet color can be changed. If the realtor feels that the carpet would be better in a different color, this is possible. However, the new color will be a shade darker than the carpet’s previous coloring.

Color Revival Carpet Cleaning

If the carpet needs a bit of cleaning and color restoration, the realtor can seek color revival carpet cleaning. This service deep cleans the carpet and also leaves behind dye that helps to restore the carpet color. This service does not just improve the carpet coloring but also will ensure the carpets are clean and smell fresh. This service will help lure buyers.

Carpet Bleach Spot Repairs

When selling a home many homeowners will not replace carpet simply due to a bleach spot. However, bleach spots are not a desirable feature to have in a home for most buyers. When a realtor has a home with a bleach spot or two, the bleach spot can be repaired. Bleach spots can be permanently repaired with professional bleach spot repair services. As a bleach spot is the absence of dye or pigment in the carpet, a carpet dye specialist can redye the bleach spot. Not only are the repairs permanent but they will perfectly match the rest of the carpet. Potential buyers will never know that a bleach spot was ever there.

Specialty Carpet Stain Removal

Another similar circumstance as bleach spots, are stains. Some stains will not wash out and the seller will not want to invest in new carpet over a few stains. When the carpet has stains and they will not come out, even with a professional stain cleaning, then the next step is needed. A carpet dye service can remove a stain by bleaching them out. The stain is treated with a mild bleaching agent, which will remove the stain as well as the dye. However, the carpet dye specialist will then repair the bleach spot and restore the carpet.

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