Can You Spot Dye Hotel Carpets in Boston, MA? Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration for Bleach Spots

Hotel owners work hard to maintain every aspect of the building. If you were to ask them what is the hardest element for a hotel owner to maintain, many will say the carpets. Carpet can be very challenging to keep up. They can be vacuumed daily and deep cleaned as needed. However, even with the best of carpet care, that will not prevent carpet from getting stains, bleach spots, fading, discoloration, and developing traffic patterns. When carpets develop these types of problems, often the hotel owner will consider replacing the carpets. Before replacing the carpet there is an alternative that can save time and money. Carpet dyeing can help restore carpets inside your hotel. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share how carpet dyeing services can help restore dull, discolored carpet and even repair bleach spots.

Existing Carpet Can Be Dyed

Carpet inside a hotel is kept very clean and even though that may not prevent aesthetic problems, the condition of the carpet is still in very good condition. It is a major waste to get rid of carpet simply because they look a bit used. Not to mention hotel owners often invest in some of the most expensive carpet available. Replacing carpet is a major investment and one that is not always needed. When carpet inside a hotel develops certain flaws such as bleach spots, fading, traffic patterns, or discoloration, know that all of these problems can be corrected. Carpet dyeing can help correct flaws and restore the carpet’s aesthetics. When carpets lose their color or the color becomes altered in some way, the carpet color can be restored by applying a new coat of dye over the entire carpet. Dyeing the carpet can remove the appearance of mild stains and traffic patterns. Carpet dyeing will correct discoloration as well as faded coloring. Carpets that have one solid color or those with patterns and multiple colors all can be dyed. Carpet dye is much faster and less invasive than carpet replacement. Carpet dyeing doesn’t cost as much as carpet replacements. Therefore you can save time, money and do it without disturbing your guests. Carpet dyeing can help extend the life of the carpet inside the hotel and make them look renewed.

Carpet Bleach Spot Repair

Carpet in a hotel is easily exposed to bleach or chlorine. These chemicals are commonly found in cleaners used to disinfect the hotel. If any of the chemicals are exposed to the carpet, it will cause the carpets to lose their color. Both chlorine and bleach will cause the dye in the carpets to dissipate and leave behind a bleach spot. Bleach spots look terrible when they develop. When they do, the hotel owner can seek bleach spot repairs. Bleach spot repair restores the dye that has been stripped out of the carpet. A professional service will ensure the repair matches the rest of the carpet and ensures the hotel carpet looks flawless. Bleach spot repair can be done quickly and permanently.

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