Can You Restore Color to Hotel Carpets in Hagerstown, MD? Bleach Spot Repair & Carpet Dyeing Restoration

Does your hotel carpets have bleach spots, stains? Are your carpets faded or discolored? To ensure the quality of your hotel you may be thinking you have to have the carpet replaced. Before you replace your carpet with these types of flaws, consider having your carpets restored with commercial carpet dyeing. Commercial carpet dyeing can help restore carpets in many different ways. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share how carpet dyeing can help restore your hotel’s carpets.

Can You Dye Commercial Carpet?

Carpet inside a hotel can develop a number of problems that affect its appearance, mainly the carpet’s dye. The dye fades a little bit every year. When carpet is exposed to high levels of alkaline, it can cause the carpet to lighten up or develop blotchy, lighter spots. Carpets can also bleach out when exposed to constant UV light or sunlight. Foot traffic can cause brown or gray trails in your carpet. When your hotel develops these types of flaws, they can be restored/ This method avoids expensive carpet replacement altogether. Carpet dyeing helps to restore the carpet color. This is done by covering the entire carpet with a fresh coat of dye. The dye is then worked into the carpet’s pile. When dyeing the carpets, the hotel owner can choose to either dye the carpet a new color. This essentially changes the carpet color, or of preferred, you can redye the carpet its original color. Carpet dyeing can be completed quickly. allowing the hotel to get back to their normal operations. Along with restoring carpets, carpet dyeing can also help prevent carpet fading or discoloration and maintain your carpet with ongoing carpet revival carpet cleaning. This service cleans carpet and at the same time, applies a small dose of dye to counter any fading or discoloration. If your hotel’s carpets need their appearance restored and you want to avoid expensive and time consuming carpet replacement, commercial carpet dyeing can bring your carpet back to life.

Can You Fix Bleach Stains (Spots) on Carpet?

Often a hotel will have clean and beautiful carpets with the exception of a few bleach spots here and there. Bleach spots are the absence of dye or pigment in the carpet. There is no way to wash out a bleach spot with any cleaning method. The only way to get rid of bleach spots is by repairing. To repair a bleach spot you must restore the pigment back in the affected area. This is done by redyeing the bleach spot. The hardest part when repairing a bleach spot is making sure the dye matches the rest of the carpet. A carpet dye specialist can create a perfectly matching formula to ensure your hotel carpet looks flawless. Bleach spots can be repaired fairly quickly, so any time your hotel develops a bleach spot that you need repaired, do not hesitate to seek bleach spot repair services.

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Commercial carpet dyeing can help restore and extend the life of the carpets. As a hotel owner, you can save time, and money and most importantly, your carpets. For quality carpet dyeing services, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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