Carpet Dyeing; Is it Worth Getting Church Carpets Professionally Dyed in Woodlawn, MD?

Churches, at times, need help maintaining or improving their carpets aesthetics. Carpet can easily last ten years or more with proper care. However, even though the carpets are in great condition, they can eventually develop permanent stains, bleach spots, or the carpet’s color can fade over time. When the carpet begins to look used and abused, the church administrators, in some cases, feels forced to replace their carpets. However, it can be a major waste replacing carpet for only aesthetic reasons. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share how we can help restore the carpet inside churches and extend the life of the carpets.

Can You Change the Color of Carpet Without Replacing It?

Carpets in churches are just as vulnerable to stains, bleach spots, and fading as carpets are in a home or a busy commercial center. When carpets within a church develop these common problems, the good news is that they can be restored. Carpet can be restored due to a number of different circumstances. Let’s start with fading. It is common for carpets to fade and lose their bright colors. When carpets fade they tend to look old and the church administrators often consider replacing the carpet at this point. Instead of replacing carpet simply due to dull colors, revive the carpet color with Whole Room Carpet Dyeing. This service ensures the entire carpeted area is dyed, restoring the carpet’s original color. If desired, instead of redyeing the carpet its original color, the church administrator can also change the color of their carpets. With a carpet dyeing color change service, the church can restore as well as change the color of their carpets. When dyeing carpet a non-toxic natural based dye is used. The dye will not transfer and rub away. With carpet dyeing, faded and dull carpets can be repaired and have color changed.

Carpet Bleach Stain (Spot) Repair

Along with repairing faded carpets, carpet dyeing services can help repair bleach spots. Bleach spots are a common problem, even in a church. When bleach or a cleaner with bleach has been exposed to the carpet, it will leave a permanent pale spot on the carpet. Bleach spots cannot be washed away using carpet cleaners. However, a professional carpet dye service is up to the task. Bleach spots occur when the dye has been stripped out of the carpet. Essentially, the dye needs to be put back in the affected area. A professional carpet dyeing service can repair the bleach spot and ensure the dye matches the rest of the carpet perfectly. Not only can bleach spots be repaired, but so can permanent stains. Some stains like ink, red drinks, tea or coffee can be impossible to wash out. When stubborn stains develop on the church carpets, they can be removed with Specialty Stain Removal services. Stains are bleached out, removing all of the color in the carpet including the dye and the staining substance. At a result, you basically have a bleach spot that needs to be repaired.

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With carpet dyeing services the church’s carpets can be restored, resulting in vibrant beautiful carpets. When a church administrator needs help restoring their carpets, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration.

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