Carpet Cleaning & Dyeing to Clean, Revive & Restore Assisted Living Carpets in Broken Arrow, OK?

Carpet inside an assisted living facility often needs help in removing bleach spots, stains and maintaining their bright colors. As an assisted living facility provides care and dwelling for our loved ones, it is expected that their home is properly maintained. When the carpet begins to look worn down and is full of stains or bleach marks, often the facility is in question. When carpets in an assisted living facility needs a bit of help in restoring their aesthetics, carpet dyeing services can help. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & RestorationDye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we help assisted living facility owners maintain and improve their carpets.

Carpet Dye is Permanent, Safe & Non-Toxic

Carpet inside an assisted living facility will fade. Fading is natural and will happen over time. However, fading can be brought on if the carpets were improperly cleaned or are exposed to constant sunlight. When carpet fades in an assisted living facility, the carpet needs to be redyed. Dyeing the carpet will help restore the carpets and even make them look new. An entire carpeted area can be redyed within a day. Carpet dyeing is fast and is an effective way to restore the faded carpet’s color. Safety is often a concern in an assisted living facility. When dyeing carpets, a non-toxic dye is used and are completely harmless. The dye will also not wash out which means the carpet can be cleaned without worry of bleeding out the dye.

Carpet Dyeing is an Effective Way to Change Color of Carpets

When dyeing the carpets the assisted living facility can also choose to change the color of their carpets. It is important to know that the new dye color is applied over the current dye. This will result in a darker color. Therefore, you can only dye the carpet a darker color and not a lighter color. Once the carpets have been dyed. or even for newer carpets recently installed, an assisted living facility owner can help prevent carpet fading with color revival carpet cleaning. This is a unique service that cleans carpet but also applies a small amount of dye that helps maintain the carpet’s bright color.

Can Stubborn Stains & Bleach Spots Be Resolved?

When stains occur, or worse bleach spots, inside your assisted living facility, know that these problems can also be corrected with carpet dyeing. Stains that will not come out are considered specialty stains. A specialty stain is removed by bleaching out the stain. This of course removes the dye, leaving behind a bleach spot in the carpet. However, this is not where the stain removal service ends. The bleach spot will then be repaired. Repairing a bleach spot, either when removing a specialty stain or when it was accidentally caused, is repaired by restoring the dye in the carpet. The first step of repairing a bleach spot is neutralizing the bleach that is in the carpet. Bleach will go dormant and will reactivate which is why you must neutralize the bleach. Next, a dye formula is created to match the carpet’s color perfectly. The dye is applied and the once the dye and carpet is dry, the bleach spot is gone.

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When an assisted living facility owner needs help maintaining or improving their carpets, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration and schedule our services today.

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