Realtors Should Recommend Carpet Dyeing Companies to Restore Carpets in Perry Hall, MD

There are many homes that are put up for sale, with a “selling as is” condition. This basically says the original owners of the home aren’t putting any work into improving the home. The home will be sold as it is now. A “sell as is” can make selling a home a major challenge for the realtor. Many homes, when put up for sale may undergo some basic cleaning to help make the home more appealing. However, sometimes the carpets may be faded, stained, and even have bleach spots. When replacing the carpet is out of the question, yet, something needs to be done with the carpet’s appearance, carpet dyeing is the answer. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we have helped realtors in the past improve carpet to enhance the home appeal’s in homes they are selling.

Carpet Dyeing to Make Carpets Look Better

Used carpet can make selling a home, condo or other living spaces much more difficult. Used carpet can have faded colors, stains, and bleach spots that discourage a buyer from buying a home. Often a realtor will look for lasting and affordable ways to help improve the carpet appearance. This is where carpet dyeing services can be a realtor’s greatest ally. Carpet dyeing can help restore the appearance of the carpets in any home or business. When carpets have lost their bright colors and look old and used, the carpet can be redyed. When redyeing the carpets it helps remove the appearance of high traffic patterns, some stains and revive the carpet color. Carpet can look almost new when having them dyed. The entire carpeted area can be coated with dye, enriching the carpet color once again. When dyeing the carpets, the realtor can even have the carpet color changed. In some homes, the carpet’s color is simply terrible. The realtor may have a better chance of selling the home if they could change the color of the carpets. With carpet dyeing you can change the color of the carpets. However, the realtor needs to be aware that the carpet color can only be dyed a darker color as you will be dyeing over the current color of the carpet.

Carpet Bleach Spot & Stain Removal

In some cases the carpet is fairly new and looks great, expect for a few stains or possibly a bleach spot. Stains, regardless as to how stubborn they are, can be removed. When a stain fails to wash out it is considered a “specialty stain”. Specialty stains still can be removed from the carpet but may need to be bleached out when all other cleaning methods fail. A bleaching agent is applied to the carpet which strips out the stain. However, this will also remove the dye in the carpet at the same time. At this point you will have a bleach spot which also can be repaired. When repairing a bleach spot either when removing a specialty stain or when caused accidentally, the carpet dye specialist will redye the bleach spot. The first step is to neutralize the bleach in the carpet. Next the dye specialist will create a matching dye color and then apply it to the carpets. The repairs are permanent and will ensure the carpet looks great.

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