How Carpet Dye Contractors Restore Color to Bleached & Faded Carpets with Carpet Dyeing Services in Akron, OH

Hotels provide comfort and a promise of a good night’s rest. In a hotel you will often find halls, guest rooms, and more with soft carpeted flooring. Carpet plays a major role in adding comfort for the guests of your hotel. Carpet helps to reduce sounds and provide a soft, non-slip surface. As carpets are essential, it is important that they are properly taken care of. However, even though carpets are vacuumed and cleaned regularly, at times they need specialty services. When carpet inside hotels lose there colors or have stains or bleach spots, they will need restoration aid. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how commercial carpet dyeing services is the answer to faded or discolored carpet in hotels.

Dye Carpet Same or New Darker Color

Carpet inside hotels are often well cared for as the cleaning staff makes sure to vacuum carpet daily and to deep clean as needed. As carpet in hotels are well cared for, they make perfect candidates for carpet restoration. Carpet that has lost its color due to improper carpet cleaning or UV damage, the carpet color can be restored. Carpets inside hotels that need carpet color restoration can seek carpet dyeing services. This specialized service puts its focus on carpets that require color restoration. Carpet can be dyed their original color or can be dyed a new color. When hotel carpets have lost its color the carpets are dyed using various methods during which the color can be changed or re-dyed it same color. When changing the carpet color the carpet color will become darker. This is because the current color of the carpet will mix with the new dye color, creating a new but darker color. When carpet has lost its color, the hotel owner only needs to reach out to carpet dyeing services to re-dye their carpets. However, the hotel owner or manager doesn’t need to wait for carpet to lose their color before seeking carpet dyeing services. Some carpet dyeing providers have carpet cleaning/carpet dyeing services. This service cleans carpet and at the same time, dyes the carpet. This helps to maintain clean and colorful carpets. There are a number of ways carpet dyeing services can help maintain and restore carpet in hotels.

We Can Remove Bleach Spots from Carpet

Carpet dyeing services can also help repair hotel carpet that is stained or has developed bleach spots. Hotel carpets are prone to stains and bleach spots just like residential carpets but on a larger scale. It can be difficult to remove all of the stains within the hotel. Carpets that have stains that won’t wash out may require specialty stain removing services. This is done by bleaching the stain pigment along with the dye out of the carpet. With a clean patch of carpet, the patch is re-dyed to match the rest of the carpet. Bleach spots in most cases only need to be re-dyed but in some cases need bleach removal before it can be repaired. With carpet dyeing services, faded, stained or bleach spots on hotel carpets can be restored in a short period of time and at less of the cost than carpet replacements.

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